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  1. The Delta Construction and Clean-Up Crew.
  2. If you want a copy of your coins make sure to take a USB stick to life invader.
  3. I was dying at the fact we just kept adding to the benefits of the coin and I want to give a shout out to every single person who listened to the pitch and invested.
  4. Well we managed to sell about 120 coins so we should see a rise in people's investments
  5. It certainly was entertaining just wish it had progressed further, think the 4AKs text at Life Invader and running for our lives as police searched the building played a big part in our Downfall. We kept our jobs... for now! Hope you didn't get in to much bother for having 25 bags of cash on you hah!
  6. The win thing isn't always about trying to evade the police. The win mentality is always showing numbers, it makes any form of any sort of roleplay against police just turn in to a team death match because the numbers are so great shooting always ends up as the result. An example of forced win is criminals going to prison from a gang and the police feel the need to have the entire police force escort G6 up. It gives people zero opportunity to roleplay breakouts. Money and evidence transports being the same sort of situation. Zaps the fun of a potential robbery RP and takes away the police opportunity to do some actual police RP instead of roll out in numbers, get to target destination and grab the win. I've completely stopped going on my gang character simply for the fact the police force is huge and you can't fart without being surrounded and searched. I'd like to see more interactions where you can talk your way out of just being cuffed, searched and thrown in prison to stand around for a few hours doing nothing instead. I've recently just been going around the city and letting RP unfold as I go, which has lead to some very interesting moments in RP and I'm not saying all police are in that win mentality as I've encountered some hilarious natural moments with officers, but even as G6 I still try to hurry along police encounters or turn the other way just because I dread the moment where they stop you, cuff you for a search and then that's it Roleplay for that encounter is almost certainly over as you get thrown in a cell, they write a report and then just get rid of you.
  7. Still feel the lights are bugged as well and don't animate leaving a weird downward facing light on the floor which can also be seen in this video. Which was an issue with the previous model as well.
  8. Happy for the Scottish Italians. 🎉

  9. Sad times. Appreciate all the work you put in to GTARP for the Ballas and the rest of the city for that matter. Helping to grow this community to what it is today. Best of luck!
  10. Having had a discussion with members of the Aztecas regarding the incident after the events and once I had logged off, it was agreed I put the report in as I felt it was the right thing to do and I will stand my ground on that as well. If I felt the incident was worth coming and speaking to leaders of Vagos in the interest of improving roleplay then I would happily do so. I have not made this report just because we are in some sort of gang-war. I've been a member of Vagos and a member of the Ballas and been in many heated gang rivalrys and not gone out of my way to report someone simply because they're on the enemy team just for a 'win' or to make a point because they're a rival faction. It broke all roleplay immersion for me and I could have quite happily just logged out there and made the report instead of seeing the whole scenario come to an end but carried on just for the sake of the roleplay. Again, I appreciate your outlook and response to my posts and perhaps in future incidents if similar events occur, i'll consider coming to yourself, though gang or not the actions of the person being reported would still be the same.
  11. Reports are there for a reason, there was no need for the outburst from ID 819 and i'm not going to run around chasing a member of Vagos at 3am to tell another member off for simply not following the rules set out for the community. While Hari is free to make a report of his own or directly message yourself, I am simply pointing out the rule and that I was not comfortable with the way she acting towards another member of the community. I do hope we can keep future incidents off the website by just following the rules and it wasn't just a matter of "they've not done this let's create a report" it was blatently just poor quality and clear breaking of common rules and I will report any further incidents accordingly and I'd expect your guys to do the same with me.
  12. I appreciate the reply and the fact you've spoken to her, wouldn't be the first time character has been broken, but I assume she's new and lessons have to be learned and it is the first time a report has been made. My problem is the whole situation just felt a bit off and some of the insults felt less RP influenced and more personal and said with full anger (directed at Hari Ahmed) and Bobby Delta which would also be a few of the community rules as well: (C1.1) Bullying (C1.2) Discrimination - Do not express discriminatory or otherwise offensive views. This is no place for racism, religious hatred, ageism, sexism, homophobia, gender or disability discrimination. (C1.3) OOC Abuse - Swearing at someone outside of roleplay with malicious intent, will not be tolerated. I'll of course allow the staff to decide on the whole situation and appreciate the fact you've spoken to her to advise her of the rules she must follow.
  13. Report a player Your In-game Name: Luke Link Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: 819 Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 06/20/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 230 What best describes this incident ?: G2.3 and G4.4 Please (in detail) describe the incident: Basically was radio'd in that a Vagos member was grilling a member of the Aztecas to give her name and we were told a location. None of us in colours minus one, decided to just drive up and ask the guy to move on but upon arival he started yelling on radio that the Aztecas are here and they know where we live. So we decided to give chase, ram the guy and find out what he knows and why he was there, as shown in the video. (I can provide further footage if needed). From there more Vagos show up and guns were drawn from the Vagos member 819 as she stepped out of the vehicle with the intention to shoot so we shot back. That pretty much sums up how we ended up in the situation. The report here is for the behaviour of the downed member ID 819 after the shooting. This being G2.3 Roleplay Everything - You must remain in character at all times, unless a uniformed Admin authorises you to speak out of character. It's quite obvious she is not staying in character. This whole shoot out played out for arounde 10 minutes with more Vagos turning up to shoot at us, their concern being we didn't have our gang colours on (we were not expecting to be placed in any sort of shoot out scenario). We spent a few minutes driving around looking for the SandCrawler as there was still an active Vagos member shooting at us from it while we wait on the downed members to bleed out as we don't want them knowing where the Aztecas house is. We spot the guy trying to help his members up, so we rush over to put a stop to it where you can quite clearly hear ID 819 then giving out tactical information while down breaking rule G4.4 When you are revived/downed: - While you are downed you may not divulge tactical information to anyone. I am not sure if I can post a second video on the evidence part so will edit or add to the post. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FppT5QmucU This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes G4.4 footage if required https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=403HXPOpp7w Wasn't sure how if it was possible to link to videos in the same report but could this be merged as I can't edit the original post. Can also provided longer footage if required for both videos (may just take longer to upload)
  14. In the interest of RP, if criminals that are known to have weapons (guns) would you going full speed and charging at them and ramming in to them be the smartest move without the risk of being potentially shot and endangering your own life? I'd just assume police would hold off or keep a distance deemed safe. We also did life invader yesterday and the police were not as hostile in charging us full speed and we escaped in a local Sultan, but i'm not trained enough as a police to fully understand any of that.
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