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  1. Sorted now - this can be deleted or whatever
  2. Bugs with Vagos: - No Doors on Turf Interior - No Clothing / Wardrobes - Can't access literally anything - Vagos Safe not there / not working - Weapon Bench either not working or don't exist The Vagos Interior already has a Weapon Bench, so you would assume that's where it would be - but it's not 1
  3. Thomas Mann

    Solicitor Tag

    @Warwick Understandable
  4. Thomas Mann

    Solicitor Tag

    It would be nice to have a licensed solicitor Tag
  5. @DSP-Thomas Message me on Discord and we’ll talk about it tonight if you want. REDACTED.exe#2480
  6. @Alfred Wilson Yes that’s what I’ve been thinking. I’m just waiting on a few things before I get in contact with someone specifically about trials and stuff. I’ve already got over 20 or so clients that have my contact number, won a number of difficult cases and I’m looking to hire some apprentices to come get experience too - before they get a response on their applications and choose whether to go individual or join a law firm from that point on.
  7. @SI Corrie Healy Just representing someone at PD (Police Stations) Seemingly as most of the time we don’t get trials and stuff - Judges choose to take only the most important and major cases. So yeah, just representing clients in custody.
  8. Thomas Mann Solicitors Law Firm - Currently Not Hiring till 19th December EDIT: NOT HIRING At all Thomas Mann Law Firm Thomas Mann Solicitors is a Private Practise Criminal Law Organisation that represents clients at Police Stations, Courts etc. The Founder of the Organisation started as a licensed individual Solicitor within the Los Santos Region. However, now I'm looking to expand this into an organisation with several other Associates and Parterns. The firm will have a Flat Organisational Structure and will remain that way, therefore there won't be several rank
  9. Thomas Mann

    Solicitor Pay

    I thought about this, so I thought that I might as well just submit a suggestion - It would be amazing if Solicitors got a Check just like the welfare check (as an example) but more money, the same way that Police or NHS would get their checks every few minutes or however it works. This would also make more people willing to become Solicitors, but then with that the Application process would also have to become stricter in order to make sure that random people with little to no experience join just to mess around. I don't know, I think it's just a good idea and I spoke to one or two peop
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