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  1. Merry Christmas from the UK!!!

  2. image.thumb.png.a8c566948abcfc3466da155c4dd056af.pngWhat an amazing rave with Mr WingPong and the others 🤣

  3. Banned because i honestly agree with you but BBQ chicken pizza is better
  4. I believe allowing the players to buy a flatbed at the Delivery Hub will clear out a lot of clutter. Players are ditching their rentals as its not theres right, but if they owned a flatbed im sure theyll be returning them back to the garages.
  5. Go to teamspeak support and theyll be able to tell you where you vehicles are.
  6. Gutzy

    House loading bay

    +1! Love this idea and would definitely be helpful
  7. Brief Summary: Dismiss tow trucks at the impound Detailed Suggestion: Add some sort of zone that removes your rental (“Press E to dismiss rental”).This is a great idea as many mechanics just like to ditch their trucks right in the middle of the impound lot or around the city. The Pros: - Clears up clutter around the city and especially the impound - Less spawned entities, Less lag - Easier to get around and into the impound The Cons: - Mechanics will need to rent another vehicle if they choose to dismiss their other tow truck - Trucks may still be d
  8. Hello, Im new here! 

    1. Wilco


      Welcome good sir!

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