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  1. I know but that means we have to remember the licence plates of all our vehicles where people may have 15+ trucks ect
  2. Brief Summary: vehicles we want without "hogging" the spawn point. Detailed Suggestion: To impement a system to Name/Rename vehicles once stored in the garage. Let's say I have 6 HEMTT BOX Trucks and 3 of them have XMAS Tree's inside and the others have salt in stead of going though them all pulling out the uncorrect ones which will save time and people from sitting and spamming to get cars/heli's out of the garage. I think you could either let us name the vechicle when we buy it from the shop or let us change it under Respray then give that Respray a custom name. I'm u
  3. meekz

    Colour Blind Setting(s)

    It shouldn't be an excuse / they could add a pop up saying "You are in a green-zone" ect
  4. meekz

    Colour Blind Setting(s)

    The con is not for me too see
  5. Brief Summary: A colour blind setting which is toggled though (Y-Settings) for people like me so it makes it easier for us to see certian things on the map and in-game. Detailed Suggestion: There is 3 main types of colour-blindness which are: Deuteranomaly is the most common type of red-green color blindness. It makes green look more red, Protanomaly makes red look more green and less bright, (this is mine) Protanopia and Deuteranopia both make you unable to tell the difference between red and green at all. For me personally as NHS I found it really hard to see t
  6. If you would like a better intro let me know I am happy to make one for you @Eddan
  7. Brief Summary: A way to hide your car(s) / stolen vehicles from showing up on the police ANPR system by the means of chaging your licence plate or blocker. Detailed Suggestion: Add in "false plates" to Rebel and add the "False Plates" to the Police PNC for adding a crime. I think this would create good RP between police and rebels while the rebels can hide/mask there vehicle's idenitys while on the road commiting crimes ect as if someone says they saw a car with the index "PA50 YTR" then the rebels could change their licence plate. The Pros: - More RP = Good RP
  8. meekz

    The Mentors™

    @WhoIsDan, maybe instead of TP'ing around just add them into a group then talk over GC in-game until you can get to their location by flight ect?
  9. meekz

    Pink Ghillie Suits

    +1 Good for the Ghillie Guys!
  10. I like the blue 😉

  11. @PenguBoth is a really good tune listen to Element by Zeph some guy who I grew up with g nice frags tho
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