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  1. Hey man, I totally agree it was a poor taste of humour and regret posting it and understand why the ban was placed. I thought it was funny but clearly it is not and I completely understand that now. Again, it was so long ago and as previously mentioned I cannot remember my ban reason. I remember posting it now you have bought it back and totally admit to my mistakes, I'm not trying to play dumb by not addressing my whole ban reason, I just have a really bad memory! I hope I can clear up everything and prove that I want to be welcomed back on the server and that you will not see a repeat of the
  2. Hi Wilco, thanks for the quick reply. As you and I both know these past months have been extremely busy to the point I can't even remember the password to login in to my RPUK main account so I couldn't check for the reason, but I did remember the initial ban reason. I changed my name to Tommy Robinson as a joke. It was a poor joke and I in no way want to associate myself apart of any racism or groups which support racism as I fully disagree with everything about it. This is something which over the past months I have matured and much regret my decision to join your server with the name T
  3. Unban Appeal for dob_unban In-game Name: dobbs Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198359556538 The date you got banned: 19/05/20 Member of the team that banned you: Wilco ? Reason given for your ban: I cannot specifically remember, frag montage related In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I recall being banned for making a thread 'Post your frag montages here' (not posting any actual montage) and being banned for it being a troll thread as there was a 0 policy for frag montages. Why should we unban you ?: That was rou
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