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  1. "Now, i didnt hear any "Dont pull your gun out or i'm gonna shoot you", i didnt hear any threat to shoot us, i only heard "you're outnumbered" and "are you gonna put that gun away?" So i was going to pull my gun out for protection for myself, since you didnt say i couldnt or you would shoot us. " What do you expect when someone points a rifle at you, they're not gonna invite you round for dinner and you're not gonna pull your firearm out while they have theirs pointed at you ready to fire.
  2. I gave your mate an order as soon as i came up to the both of you while his gun was holstered, none of you listened and that steve geezer kept saying "Yeah yeah yeah yeah" it wasn't going anywhere so I shot him then you pulled your gun out so i killed you, We tried resolving this in teamspeak then your mate just started calling us cunts and being an all round bellend and once again it was going nowhere I'd also like to point out he didnt say put your gun away he just said "are you gonna point that gun at me"
  3. someone leave so i can join the server
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