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  1. Okay the only thing which I did wrong in this situation and ill hold my hands up for was saying I'll speak you externally and Ill see you in police liaison 1 I should of just waited until after and requested you via OOC. Now with the handcuffs you can clearly see that I did not mean to cuff you to which I then uncuffed you to let the scenario continue so to report for that just seems a bit stupid, Now to go onto to when I said " Triads in the mud" was really just to be annoying but Then you decided to make a comment which was " what happened to Ballas" which was clearly you talking about my other character which use to be in the Ballas, and for that you were brought to liaison and when I brought it up you said " oh oh it's because you were friends with them, when we both know that was not the case which in my opinion is clear break of character separation but ill leave that and the rest of the report up to the staff team thanks.
  2. Cheers for everything mate all the best in the future
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