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  1. entertained the appeal and then gave us 6 months smh see ya in December 

    1. Daanv


      (C5.6) Using status updates or non member support forum's to talk about or discuss bans



  2. miss being in the city and being in Vagos ,can only hope to return : (

  3. Sorry that it seems I have portrayed myself as innocent and try to make it seem like i was sugarcoating it, I am guilty of exploiting but I began this appeal with regret of what i have done. I did not think it was okay to do but still took advantage of it. I am sorry and have used the time away to think about what i want to do and how I can improve myself and hopefully return to the server as a person that can follow the rules put in place for reasons clearly in benefit for the server. This was a serious offence, but I can only give a genuine apology and promise not to commit the same offence again or any other. I have spent time in this server and have only made good experiences and enjoyed the months ive spent in this server.
  4. Unban Appeal for Dex chan In-game Name: Dexter Chan Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199012673505 Ban ID: 4769 Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got banned for C2.2 - Exploiting - Using or attempting to use any exploits in any of our community game servers such as but not limited to duplication of items or money, transferring/processing items through walls and windows or bypassing intended animations. This was done via skinning in a car while a deer was dead under the car and reskinning it as it would not disappear. Why should we unban you ?: First, I would like to apologize to the Dev team that worked hard to bring this new interaction known as Archie's eye. I will take full responsibility of what I have done and make no excuses to my ban. I would also like to explain everything leading up to the ban in a timeline basis. Post fishing update there was no method of making money as fast as fishing and we looked a new way through the means of hunting, from discovering that muskets lack damage and that literally. everyone that hunts are using vehicles to run over animals as a much more efficient way of hunting we also began to do the same. Monday night we discovered through Archie's eye. After running over a deer, you can skin whilst in the car and thus was ultimately a very efficient way to hunt. In hindsight it was still a grind and required many hours of grinding out the skinning. The misjudgement of seeing it as a harmless fast way of making money and just an alternative to fishing option was the first mistake we made. There was no intent to become millionaires through the means of exploiting. The second mistake I made and was made aware of from my fellow gang member was that this so called "efficiency" was removing the RP interaction from hunting and ultimately Falling under Exploit in C2.2 community rules. From understanding that I have exploited I can only apologize for what I have done and further apologize for not looking back on the rules to connect the dots and realize it was an exploit. I began hunting on Wednesday 7th of July and came to knowledge of this exploit over the weekend. I would like to finally state that. I was a hard grinder of fishing and made 90% of my money through that and it frustrates me that I ruined my experience in this server through the simple ideology that it was just an " efficient way of hunting". Fishing was a broken legit way of making money and the figures racking in is what made me a grinder in the first place as I was racking in 20 sharks an hour on average which calculated to around 150k .I have had no Previous bans involved in any exploitation and have kept a clean sheet until that one RDM incident which I had taken a 1-day ban. I have built many relationships within this server and as I work from home my hours on this server have been in the hundreds. I have always played in this server and enjoyed. every part of my journey. I am a grinder I put in hours to improve my character financially and have recently gained noticed of many big RP characters in the city. I have never had any malicious intent within the city and always gave a helping hand to new people in the city. Every asset I own prior to this has been through correct means and grind. I am in a gang, and I did have the responsibility of being a role model for new city members in which I have never portrayed myself as a cheater or exploiter until this mistake I have made. This ban was a huge eye opener to reread the rules and thoroughly understand why they are there and need to be abided by. I plan to always think about whether what I am going to do follows community guidelines and report anything that falls under exploiting to the admins or at least if I am not sure at least ask for advice from staff. I do also plan to follow every other rule to the best of my abilities. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  5. Dex chan

    BMW 135i

    yh i love the look of this car and was suprised at how slow it was , supposed to be a M sports but struggles to hit 100 , the acceleration is decent but this car definetly needs a tuning in upcoming updates
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