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  1. Date / Time: 20:00 06/12/2021 Release: Opened your advent today? New Additions F1 Menu Settings Now Save Over Restarts @Paint Hud Toggle Chat Toggle Crosshair Toggle Streamer Mode Toggle Favourite Emote Now Saves Over Restarts @Paint Once set you shouldn't have to reset it every restart unless you clear your cache... then you will... Final Notes Hopefully these two quality of life changes make your experience on the server just that little bit better. Have a great evening and remember to open your advent calendar (/advent)!
  2. I'm starting to think you aren't playing a character @JohnKiff... This is two characters now.
  3. Kiff Farming The Rep...
  4. Date / Time: 20:00 23/11/2021 Release: More FIXES! Bug Fixes / Changes Fixed Male Apostle Jacket @Paint Fixed Multiple Female Apostle Uniforms @Paint Changed An Interior @Archie Final Notes We are still working on more fixes, if you find any bugs please open a bug report!
  5. Date / Time: 16:00 23/11/2021 Release: Nomad Working On FiveM?!? Bug Fixes / Changes Fixed Sandy Hospital Helipad @Paint Fixed Some Art Texture Not Loading @Archie Admin Tooling changes so we can ban more stupid people @Nomad Final Notes You should all run now that @Nomadis touching FiveM.
  6. Great song choice.

    1. Liam


      Very great song Princess x

    2. Chilli


      princess loves music clearly


  7. Why... Just... Why Impressive.... Just why
  8. Sorry, either we've been unable to reproduce this bug with enough detail, or its not been considered a bug. Nevertheless, we appreciate your efforts, please do not be discouraged in submitting new bug reports going forward. Thread locked & moved to Rejected
  9. Hairbands ... Find out in RP.... We may have forgotten to add them to shops...
  10. Date / Time: 20:00 15/11/2021 Release: SoonTM Is Here! The Clothing Update @Archie @Paint Brand New UI @Paint Player rotation in the UI @Archie@Paint Clicking And Dragging A/D Keys (Holding Shift Speeds This Up) Scrolling Mouse Wheel Clothing Items Can Be Quickly Toggled In The UI @Archie @Paint Hats Glasses Tops Ability To Snap The Camera Into Place @Archie@Paint Head/Upper Body Full Body Legs/Feet Setting Clothing Item / Variant Can be Done In Multiple Ways @Archie@Paint Clicking The Arrows Up/Down Arrow In The Box Typing A Number In The Box Limiters To Help You Find Valid Clothing Quicker @Archie@Paint Blocking High Numbers Being Enters Stops Right Click On Max Number Stops Left Click On Min Number Logical Reverting - Clothing Goes Back To Before The Shop NOT Last Saved @Paint Easy purchasing and saving with easy to understand messages @Archie@Paint Hair Style Updates @Archie@Paint Added All Hairstyles (Around 90) @Paint Added Custom Female Hairstyles @Archie Added Hairbands @Archie New Additions Outfits System @Recon9 Players Can Create Up To 3 Outfits (To Start) At Any Wardrobe @Recon9 Outfits Can Be Previewed, Given Custom Names Or Overwritten. @Recon9 Players Have The Option To Buy More Slots (Up To a Total of 20) @Archie@Paint New Loading Screen @Paint New Video @LiL Jeep Scaling Fixes For Wide Screens @Paint General Design Changes @Paint New Stats Section @Paint New Loading Bar @Paint New Loading Text @Paint Responsive Pause/Play Text For Music & Video @Paint New Song @Paint New Character Selection Screen @Paint New Animations Based Off Your Characters Job @Paint Changed Character Selection Location @Paint Added New Props To Selection Scene @Paint Background Event Going On During Character Selection (To Replace Old Train) @Paint Music Playing While Selecting Character @Paint Changed Overall Character Information Design & Welcome Screen @Paint Zoom On Character When Viewing Its Details @Paint Fixed Scaling For Ultra Wides @Paint Ability To Click Character To View Stats @Paint Added Doors To Context Menu @Archie New Angle Grinder Breach Method For Doors (Police) @Archie@1A3 Added Blur When You Get Injured @Archie Captain Sir Tom Moore Painting (Gallery) @George Harris This came directly from one of our most popular suggestions. You can suggest features here. Vehicles Oracle STD A now 2 Seats @George Harris Bicycles no longer work in Benny's @George Harris Fixed Porsche Neon Lights @George Harris Yosemite Fuel increased @George Harris Club fuel increased @George Harris UC Oracle Fuel Increased @George Harris Skoda Lightbar Dirt Fix @George Harris UC Range Rover Can Be Painted @George Harris Bug Fixes / Changes Dispatch System Changes @Paint Added Ability for dispatchers to add dispatches @Paint Title Grade/Freq Body Groups To Send Alert To Location Ability To Use Radio While In UI @Paint This Can Be Set Using The Microphone Icon And Is Saved For Next Use Callsigns will now be deleted if they have no players in when the user disconnects @Paint Pressing The "Set GPS" Key bind Now Assigns Your Callsign To Last Dispatch @Paint Fixed Dispatch Time Being An Hour Off (God Damn Time zones) @Paint Fixed Some Scaling Issues For Widescreens @Paint Fixed Bug Where Units Would Not Get Removed From Dispatches When Deleted @Paint Changed Hurt Messages @Archie Fixed Issue Where All Civilian Cars Were [WANTED] @Paint Fixed Double Indexed Houses (2 New Wild Houses Have Appeared...) @Paint Fixed Issues For Players Who Owned A House @Paint All Houses Would Be Marked As Owned, Even If Unowned Player Would Not Be Able To See The Sale Price Player Would Not Be Able To Tour The House Bayview Lodge Collision Fix @George Harris Auto Exotic Collision Fix @George Harris Popular Street Collision Fix @George Harris Church Outhouse Collision Fix @George Harris Door System Changes @Archie Remove Halloween Assets @George Harris Exploit Fix @Paint Reverted Halloween Phone Texture @George Harris Reverted Halloween Vehicle Texture @George Harris Corona Item Fix @George Harris Final Notes Well, here it is! The long anticipated clothing update is here with lots of cool new features for you to try out. A whole new interactive UI allowing you to rotate and zoom in on specific items of clothing. Quickly switch between different items of clothing choosing from a vast variety of options. Oh, did we forget that we added all 90 hairstyles for you to go try on! If you like your specific outfit then good news. You are able to save you outfits (for a small fee of course) so you don't need to go through the hassle of remembering your favourite style! Even after this release we will be continuing to work on the clothing update to make it so invisible body parts are not possible. While this is not currently possible, we have put systems in place for us to moderate this. IF YOU MAKE ANY OF YOUR BODY PARTS INVISIBLE, YOU WILL BE RESET, WARNED, OR BANNED. Some of you may join for the first time after the update and appear to have turned into an alien... Stay calm, you are in-fact not an alien. This is is because your old clothing "has moved slot" , just make your way to the nearest clothing store, or to your gang/faction clothing point, to get your fancy outfits back on. If you keep the alien stuff on, the above paragraph will apply and you may be RESET, WARNED, OR BANNED. Now go enjoy the clothing update (and a smattering of new additions and bug fixes)!
  11. Date / Time: 16:00 14/11/2021 Release: Lest we forget New Additions Remembrance Day Memorial @Santo Emergency Service Worker Uniform Poppies @George Harris@DIR Phoenix Ashes Final Notes As a remembrance for all of our service men and women, we will be holding 2 minutes of silence at 21:00 GMT. Please join us in legion square for this important event.
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