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  2. Unban Appeal for Gecko_ In-game Name: Billy Stevens Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198151142279 Ban ID: !!rpuk8596!! Reason given for your ban: G1.2, G2.4, G4.4 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned because I let my usual high standard of roleplay slip, which I am the utmost upset about. One of the reasons cited for my ban was G4.4. On a few occasions my standards slipped when I was injured. I deeply regret this and my roleplay was not up to the standard I usually set myself. I did not roleplay my injuries anywhere near as well as I should have. I know better and recognise where I went wrong. I am upset about and regret this deeply, I not only let myself down by throwing my own roleplay standards completely out the window, but I also ruined the experience of everyone that was present. G4.4 is a rule that is in place to ensure that roleplay is kept to a high standard when your character is incapacitated, I recognise and acknowledge this fully. My roleplay was not good in this respect and I take full responsibility for this. I was also banned for G1.2 and G2.4. Throughout the day and the night before my ban, I engaged in many fights and aggressive gang-related altercations with Vagos. In one of these scenarios I was involved in an altercation with Vagos near their safehouse, they had threatened me and a few others at gunpoint, this lead to the altercation. I was going back and forth executing forays into their area. We had been fighting for some time in the area and during one of the skirmishes Stuart teleported me to a roof and questioned me about my actions, he believed at the time I was in breach of G1.2. I explained that there was roleplay behind my actions and everything was, from my perspective, acting with accordance to server rules. After giving Stuart an explanation that I assumed he was happy with he let me go and I considered the matter resolved as he had no issue with my explanation and reasoning. This is the only instance I can think of as to why I was banned for G1.2. I assumed this situation was resolved and I was absolved of any wrongdoing if I had in fact broken server rules I was not made aware of that fact. Other than this particular incident I can’t recall any other reason for the G1.2 breach to be highlighted. In regards to the breach of G2.4, I believe this to be a tad unfair. I believe this is in relation to an incident that happened in Sandy Shores. I was in the area of Sandy shores and spotted two Vagos cars down the street. I quickly attempted to leave before I was spotted, driving fast up a dirt verge to the south to escape. My car had hit a rock on the incline that lead to my car being damaged, due to this I slowed to a stop, I heard a voice behind me, shouting at me to stop. By this point, I was already out of my car, firearm in my hands, and I was being shot at, I then shot back leading to me being overrun and subsequently downed. In regards to the no value of life I agree the situation could have been handled better, however, when under pressure to escape, feeling like you’re going to be caught at any second, put immense pressure on me. I wasn’t even acutely aware of the amount of danger I was in until it was right on top of me, giving me barely any time to react accordingly. When I was down I saw that there were much more Vagos than I anticipated or knew about. If I had known there were that many in the area I would’ve done things much differently. I can only say this in hindsight. I wish my actions were different but I can’t change it. What I saw is what my character saw and at the time me and my character didn’t see clearly the level of dangers we were exposed to. If I knew this I wouldn’t have taken hostile action. After this situation my standards slipped in regards to G4.4 where I spoke without roleplaying my injuries to the extent I know I am capable of. I deeply regret this and am saddened that I had conducted myself in this manner. I would like to comment on the recent report against me that accused me of breaching G1.2. The complainant (Isak) in this matter was actively involved with a group of people that were actively trying to take my life, by his own admittance he was acting as a guard on the street waiting for me to return. He knew what was happening and his feigning ignorance does not absolve him of the facts. The facts clearly show he was involved in the altercation, taking a direct part in an attempt to harm me. He knew he was in trouble when he ran from me, he knew that he was implicated and that he was now in danger. I don’t wish to comment too much on this as I just wanted to give as clear a picture as I can about every aspect of my situation and be as transparent as possible. Why should we unban you ?: In conclusion, I have been on the server for a decent amount of time, building a fairly known and interesting character. I try my best but recently I recognise that in certain aspects I have failed to live up to the standards that the server sets. I am ashamed of this, I’m ashamed that I may have tarnished a carefully built reputation for providing high-quality and interesting roleplay. I am frustrated and annoyed with myself for allowing myself to let myself slip like this. I have never been permanently banned before, I am upset that it has come to this and deeply wish I could go back and change my actions. I not only let myself down, but I also let down everyone I interacted with too. I am open to any and all criticisms and questions you wish to put forward to me. I wish to correct this behaviour and hopefully, one day come back and provide roleplay to a high standard once more. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  3. Nah I'm busy, just do what you've gotta do with the report. Nothing else to say tbf.
  4. You were part of a group who were chasing me and actively shooting at me, there is nothing wrong with me shooting you somewhat 2 minutes later. Should've been more careful imo. Cool, discord me when you're free.
  5. You're saying you weren't involved, but then you joined in, so you became involved. You're literally chasing me throughout the city, whilst your friends in-front are shooting at me? You're involved, and threatening my life. There's nothing wrong with me changing clothes and coming back to kill you, you lost sight of me for only a few minutes. When I came back to find you, you started driving away, because you knew full well what my intentions were and that is was me. Don't play stupid and pull at the fibers of barely a string. Also, I'm more than happy to come to teamspeak and speak about any concerns or answer any questions you may have
  6. Happy birthday my BrOWishing You A Happy Birthday GIF

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  7. If this is the case, I'd hope to see some clips and/or player reports showing this please. Also, the clip of you locking the car seems to have been removed so I'll just re-upload and re-link that here.
  8. Already tried. What I said above still stands from my end. PM'ed him on forums, will try and have another chat with him and see how it goes. Will update here.
  9. Something to add to this. You both told me on the way to the spot where you robbed me at gun and knife point, that I wasn't going to be making it out alive. Wouldn't it be NVL for me to not take the oppurtunity to try and get free (when a low-risk oppurtunity arrived) since you both said you were going to kill me after you'd robbed me anyway? I took the oppurtunity, when at the time, I felt was of the lowest risk and survived?
  10. Not going to be replying further to this as It's pointless. Staff can handle this. I've said what I needed to say. You were all shot because of the actions of another officer who was with you. You knew my character wasn't fucking around due to the fact that I literally threatened to kill a firearms officer for impounding my car. Just because you're a police officer it doesn't mean you're able to antagonise someone who has shown pretty clearly that they aren't taking the piss, yet the officers continued to antagonise my character and as a result faced the consequences. Literally told an armed officer I was going to kill him for trying to impound my car, do you think It's then smart for another officer to tell me to calm down? You should've arrested me at gun point before anything could have escalated, like any good RP'ing police officer would do to someone who has just threatened to kill one of your colleagues. Unless I'm asked by staff members to comment further, I won't be.
  11. Okay. I literally told Pumba to stop impounding the car else I'd kill him. Literally threatened an officers life in front of like 4 others, he didn't take it seriously and spoke back to me in a tone that portrayed this. Then, the officer in the unmarked car started telling me to calm down, bare in mind, this was after he witnessed me telling the officer I'd kill him for impounding the car. I clearly gave him many warning to stop antagonising my character, instead, he decided to continue, which ended up in him and the officers around him getting killed. Now, the reason for the surrounding officers being shot is pretty clear. They were punished for the actions of their fellow officer because they were part of the situation as well. Me and you both know full well that if I shoot one of you, the rest of you are going to begin shooting back, which is exactly what happened.
  12. Here's the extended clip that shows him locking the car when he's down. https://medal.tv/games/gta-v/clips/aOK6KBJKQB3u5/H1TE5e8IyDce?invite=cr-MSxoTDcsMzAxMDAxMDgs
  13. Also, is there any reason why your voice has been muted in the clip? That would be quite helpful to have. Unless that's been removed due to the extensive amount of metagaming that you've all been known to do? Another thing, how come you locked the car when you were down? Was this just to spite me because you weren't happy with the outcome of the situation? Or was this an honest mistake?
  14. I gave you my two cents in the teamspeak conversation. Bobby, who was aiming his gun at me, lowered it when he got a phone call. I saw an oppurtunity and took it. At the time, I was in 3rd person and couldn't see Moony behind me, hence the lunge forward towards Bobby. However, after viewing the clip, he was infact quite close to me, which could be considered NVL. Just to add to this as well, the only reason I lunged forwards for Bobby was due to him lowering his gun and using his phone, along with my perception of Mooney being a good few steps away from me. Nothing more to add.
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