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  1. Being able to have your vehicle listed in the shop was a really good feature, I think that itself is what led to lots of people always hanging out in autocare.
  2. A way to fix it is to get in a vehicle (car, truck, etc) and try aim, if you can't, resetweaponwheel then aim in the car. Then get on the bike and it'll be fixed.
  3. Previous post was closed as we'd thought the issue was solved. Turns out vehicles still somehow end up inside of the club randomly, blocking doors etc. Same thing tends to happen with the bins that are at the back of the club, sometimes they end up in the stairwell of the club blocking us from getting into the basement.
  4. Went to prison yesterday and Noah Johnson was there, along with a few other G6 guards and prisoners. Brought back some good old memories from Billy Stevens' life imprisonment. It's really crazy how enjoyable Billy's life imprisonment actually was when I was surrounded by great roleplayers. Top notch RP from Noah as always, deserves another one of these. So much effort put into his character and it pays off well. - "Billy Baro"
  5. That was some fun, one minute I'm just getting a quick lift, next minute it's 2am and we've let all the taxi drivers know who they work for was hilarious reminding people who owns the taxi busines. You and Mr. Cheng had me in right tears aswell, had to mute my mic a few times so I didn't ruin the RP Top notch stuff from yourself as always, same with Mr. Cheng aswell, loved it.
  6. Unfortunately I don't have any longer footage as I didn't think it was neccesary for this report and was deleted a while ago. Apologies.
  7. Can confirm this is still an issue currently.
  8. Nope, just happens randomly. No clue how to replicate it.
  9. Had the same thing happen to me a few times, only once has it just fixed itself after a small amount of time. 9 times out of 10 I'd have to relog to fix it.
  10. Yes, the odd few times I've not been able to aim weapons off of bikes. Is usually fixed by just jumping off the bike and messing around with weapon wheel. But can be a pain when it happens randomly.
  11. It's been a while since we've noticed it happening, the performance FPS wise around Tequi-La-La has improved since one of the recent updates. There are still some fences and clutter around the back of the club that when constantly colliding with one another can cause some performance issues but other than that, seems good.
  12. Has happened to me and a few friends previously. After the car is lockpicked and we get in it, it locks and we can't get out. Have to be carried out through an open driver/passenger window.
  13. I've recently been made aware that you can place restrained players into vehicle that are locked. Aswell as this, you aren't able to lockpick vehicles when players are inside of them, resulting in you having to "smash the window" and carry them out from inside the vehicle. Desired outcome/result: Be able to lockpick locked vehicle with players inside Not be able to place restrained players into locked vehicles
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