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  1. news 20th to 25th February 2021 Legion square bank robbed Weazel news were the first on scene to a dramatic robbery on the legion square bank that lasted over 20 minutes from backs and forths between the bank robbers and the officers. the bank robbers who requested to be left unnamed had taken a hostage which was the main reason for such a large police response. with new members of weazel news on the team the subject was crowded with news reporters. Here we can see the hostage and the robber. Here we can see the bank robbers being arrested by many police officer
  2. once i use the news camera for weazel news i am not able to open car doors only restarting the game fixes it. it is random when it happens but it is often enough to be worth a report.
  3. February 14th-15th Tour De Santos A Tour De France inspired race took place on the island today. The yellow team were the winners of the race today which caused upset amongst the other teams. yellow claimed that the red team were only ahead for as long as they were due to the fact that "they were on steroids" if this is true the 2nd place they won may be invalidated, further research must be conducted to prove this. also someone got hit by a car which was quite funny. the following photos are of the winners of the race: Partying and comedy with Ballas
  4. quick reminder if you think something interesting is or will happen please message weazel news on your phone. February 17th STEALY MCGEES ARSENAL OF COP CARS The criminal mastermind known as Stealy McGee has been spotted having stolen an arsenal of police cars, undercover or not, fast and slow he has probably stolen it. All of his collectible vehicles have been stored in a car park roof hidden location and he promises to sell these cars for great fortune. Why did you steal all those cars? Stealy: "I like nice cars and the police has lots of them" Many belie
  5. February 16th 2021 Driving lessons may have be to reinforced due to "driver issues" Driver issues have caused many crashes among those on the island, driving tests may need to be retaken due to this. man steals police car for photoshoot. Honky criminal spotted committing crimes, police cant even protect their own cars how are they meant to protect the public? The criminal who goes by the street name Stealy McGee was spotted breaking into the police station: He was later shown on social media having taken numerous photos for his social media:
  6. February 15th Sorry for party rocking A car meet in the airport got groovy and no one minded. The party of a lifetime was held during a car meet at the LSIA hangar with some funky tunes playing everyone had a good time. It is believed that this party was hosted by Monty Callaghan as an excuse to show off the cities nice cars, which were pretty nice. with imported cars like dodge challengers and a hydraulic powered party bus it was a groovetastic occasion. Many of the guests of the party enjoyed themselves myself included however it was short-lived and only lasted about
  7. February 14th "Ballas on top" "anything blue gets smoked" Due to conflict with the Aztecas the street gang known as the Ballas have set alight some of the Aztecas most treasured vehicles to assert dominance, after taking many photos for their social media. it is unknown how this conflict between Aztecas and Ballas started, maybe they are like Montagues and Capulets just waiting for their Romeo and Juliet to bring them together. it is clear that this conflict will remain ongoing for the foreseeable future, expect violence and general law breaking betw
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