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  1. In all honesty sir it was meant towards a friend of mine as a joke, I know that it's unacceptable but in truth it was meant towards my friend it wasn't said to directly insult anyone and I see how it could have greatly offended people it was a moment of weakness and If you choose to unban me I give you my word nothing like this will happen again.
  2. In all honesty I don't know how to respond to this, it was a moment of stupidity and for that I have no excuse I'm not normally the one to use this kind of word and for that I do apologise, there is no excuse for my actions so I will not waste your time and type you an elaborate tale for me being an idiot, I apologise to anyone that may have been offended by what I said and I also apologise to yourselves because it's really a stupid thing for me to do and to take up some of your time, apologies
  3. Unban Appeal for MrSmith In-game Name: mr smith Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561199104441248 The date you got banned: 18/02/21 Member of the team that banned you: Auto Ban Reason given for your ban: Rule 1.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Innapropriate behavior in chat Why should we unban you ?: Hi, for some reason I thought it was appropriate to use an offensive word towards people however I did not directly say it too them, I understand what I said and it was absolutely wrong of me and it should have never happened, t
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