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  1. This was funny BTW, but not gonna lie I was like half asleep in the middle of another incident so couldn't get a proper chance to chat
  2. All joking a side tho , some very good points in here!
  3. Was fun taking people hostage and making them learn about bible stories unknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.png

    1. FatherAugustus


      thanks to @Nuclearfor inspiration 

    2. Nuclear
  4. GL on everyone with these business proposals ! hoping to see more RP from these stores / dealerships with people actually RPin in them! #GodBless

    1. Nazgul


      here's hoping


    2. AmeliaCarter


      Look so badass in that first picture 😮

  5. Thank you to everyone who showed up for job interviews at PDM, more will be happening throughout the week 😉 unknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.pngunknown.png

    1. FatherAugustus


      Also thanks @AmeliaCarterfor the photography 

    2. AmeliaCarter


      Anytime! Was awesome to witness PDM hard at work!

  6. A big thank you to everyone recently involved in doing all of these events and bringing people together, it has been a really enjoyable week or so, to many people to thank, the likes of @Gooba@Niamhand many more!

    1. Gooba


      and more events to come. Im thinking of maybe a scavenger hunt event next 🙂

    2. Luke Pretlove

      Luke Pretlove

      I've got some events planned for the next couple of weeks too, hopefully they'll be good for everyone

  7. @Matthew Labile Thank You Matthew
  8. Just saying, if you ever run out of ideas.


  9. @Gordon @SoggyWafeis the man behind the photos.
  10. @Charles Vane last night was hilarious, one to remember for sure
  11. Surprised to see me on here so dunno what to say but thank you ! I am glad someone enjoys my RP! I always try my best to make in a fun experience for other people.... plus your still it.
  12. A big thank you to everyone that came out today, from the people delivering us Pizza&Beer, to the people cleaning the windows, to the people cleaning and fixing the cars and to LS Automotive Photography and to the people raffling and taking part, big thank you, those couple hours as great fun! Thank you again!
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