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  1. Another gay wedding for the future I see!
  2. irreverent but i was in complete shock @ this hahaha , but from my perspective I don't think its RDM , guy blocks his way and done it twice while police try and get him ( i am a terrible officer atm) could've maybe made a bit more of an RP scenario like saying get out of the vehicle but as a witness that's what I can say
  3. 24 hours in the city has been complete, what a crazy 24 hours it was, couldnt of spent it with better people - God Bless


    1. KDruch



  4.          24 HOUR IN THE CITY STREAM! 



  5. I think the standards in RP recently has just gotten better and better, as a person who is 3 months into RP, from the first week till know I have noticed that this servers standard has gone higher and higher and you all make it an enjoyable place (apart from the guy who played sex offender shuffle song on the church piano when I was afk) but less of me rambling on you've all been amazing - god bless
  6. Was having a pretty shit day, went down the casino to gamble a little bit and to take mind off things, and honestly these 2 gentlemen are great role players, mature, not cheeky , funny and just generally good blokes had a blast when I was with them, cheered me right up aswell
  7. +1 Diego is a sound lad , one of the right hand men and one of the most mature players ive RP'd with
  8. @-StePettit- CRIME SIDE???? we are 100% legal!
  9. I wanna say thank you everyone that i have been able to RP with, i finally got a person to edit a video together for me, this is my first ever edited video and more to come! 



    1. FatherAugustus


      For the people who missed Sunday Service

    2. Stick3rz


      Was very glad I could attend. Thank you Father, god bless.

      - Joe King



  12. Father Augustus! our Savior!

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