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  1. Have nice cars to show off and wanna win some money at the same time? Come down and show off those cars outside of Mosley's! Over 100k in prizes for best cars! 668-7929 for details Wednesday 20th
  2. Banned for not using caps to do emotes
  3. Hello, There are a few ways to connect: 1) Search up roleplay.co.uk in fiveM search bar. 2) If you want to connect to RPUK via the f8 menu do either "connect xaamj5" or use the IP which is "connect"
  4. Banned for talking about being banned
  5. Banned for thinking a kebab is better than a kapsalon!
  6. RP to the best of your abilities and most of all have fun within the community!
  7. Banned for telling someone they have rep
  8. Banned for not knowing the correct rules
  9.  #TragosOnTop 

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