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  1. Disclamer............. Only read this if you give a fuck about your server and can or are friends with someone who can make changes on the server. Get your character wiped or if this is to difficult or not possible just join the server and role play as a "New player" with a diffrent name. You have a starting money budget, no licences, no gear, no cars, and so on. Play for as long as you can or as many restarts as you have time for. Then type out some sort of conclusion as to how your time was. Send it to someone who can do something. To fix a problem you must understand a problem. If the people who do have power and can change things joined the server for a couple of restarts the server might have some numbers and people browsing the serverlist might join. The police that dont want to play because there is nobody to police might join. An idea for people for the 90% of people who cant change anything. Insted of robbing a player with New above them, try giving them and few hours to rember or 100K. Take them to action situation or let them in your police car to a gas station robbery. Just try not swinging you massive ARMA Elite player dick about for atleast untill the server has enough people on it for your super cock to be relevent. Thanks for reading please give feedback in the form of Direct messages to @WhoisDanXD
  2. Marmite Miners Rave When the police had HMG Hunter Little CSO Sycorax doing his first prision processing to a Mighty EXP member and the calm after the police raided the Marmite Rave
  3. This could also encourage people to play on the under populated off peak restarts makeing the server more appeling to the non UK time zones as it is populated! Great idea that does work on other servers
  4. https://gyazo.com/e2e5321124c5bc098d1c44e9f90fd25b On the 20th September last year there was just under 25K people playing arma as a collective. I am aware that the Life mod players are a pretty small amount of players in that number but they are there. As of today there is around 23K people playing. So quite a large drop percentage wise. It is impossible for me to find out the stats on your ban and unbans but i would think it would be possible for an management or admin member of staff to find out how many of the already low number of target audiance you have banned in the last 12 months. These bans could be Perm or first time appelable bans. The peak all time players in Arma 3 is 56K. Again a tiny amount of them is Life mod players i think it cant be ignored that you have 41608 Denied ban appeals. It could be that you have simply banned all your target audiance or indirectly banned them by banning one member of a large group. The unban prosses is in many cases a pride swallowing post that i belive a large number of people simply will not do. Its a how can i write sorry in enough words that it will be belived by an admin and i get unbanned. Worse than that is the people that simply will not do it due to ease of joining another server, learning there lesson on here and takeing the EXP that they have here as to try and not get banned there. If a ban was to be lifted simply by a time expireing then there would be alot more likely to stick around because they dont have to admit they are wrong regardless of if they are or not. Ofc they should still be prompted to read the rules and perhaps rewarded for correctly passing an automated test regarding said rules with an early unban or a ingame money injection to keep them wanting to play the server and not get established on another in the X time they are banned. I cant really give any input into the ingame side of things due to not playing in a while but from what i read on the fourms its people blameing the other factions that make it not fun for them. If anyone is reading this who has one of these finger pointing posts on any part of the fourms. YOU ALL NEED EACH OTHER. Nerf one and your buffing the other and endless finger poitning continues. Ofcorse the police are "strong" or "OP" there the fucking police, ofcorse rebles use dirty tactics and have alot less rules of engaement they are rebles both sides have positives and negatives. Its how it always has been and how it always will be. If you do make a large amount of changes map and feature wise it might be a consideration to employ the only Arma 3 youtube to make some videos on it. There would be little point in all the effort for nobody to know you have done it. I know that it will also bring some negative players here but if you make some of them want to stay its better than nothing.
  5. NO PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT THIS THREAD AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @WhoisDan
  6. hello general.

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      Not round here fella. Just a hobo like you!!!

  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!! I forgot about this. What a legend....................
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