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  1. I would of liked to speak about this in ts and still would, but regrading this situation I'd like to start from the start, I was pissed off due to the fact we had agreed not to shoot in or out of the windows of your club house but I was shot out of the car from the people inside the club house at that time I punched my keyboard, which its self seems like a stupid excuse but in fact its the truth, I then went straight into Gang Leads chat to get Coozer regrading how i was killed and when a tabbed back into the game i was being dumped at the pier, Like to say once again this whole situation last night was a mess and would like the chance to explain over TS.
  2. Currently Typing Out A Response To This.
  3. What can I say, I've known you since my first day in the community / city yourself and other leads in the Ballas gave me my start and I owe everything I have to you and the Ballas for allowing me the opportunity to become the person I am in this community, This was my first RP community / city and will always have love for the first, I just want to thank you for all the things you have done for me and everyone else in the Community, I hope you find happiness in whatever takes up all your free time now. Jambo Carruthers.
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