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  1. Firstly, If unbanned and a situation like this happens again I will make sure that instead of acting out I will think before acting and restrain myself from using any offensive profanity. Furthermore, I have learnt from my mistake and have had time to learn more about the rules and recognise myself with what I should and shouldn't say during roleplay. Lastly, after being banned for a few days I have the time to regret the inappropriate use of language and have never wanted to be banned meaning that I will ensure I will not do it again.
  2. In response to this, at the time it was a heated situation and I let things get personal. I used an awful profanity towards someone causing me to act out and break roleplay. As I was annoyed at the time and not thinking clearly, I have come to understand that I made a huge error in judgement and I realise it was not appropriate to say to anyone. As I have settled down from the situation, I have learned from my mistake and now know that using any type of offensive profanity is never needed to say towards another player. At the time I was not thinking clearly, this resulted in me not enhancing the roleplay on twitter when I was suppose to. In the moment, I was very heated about the incident causing me to forget about the roleplay being in place on twitter. This lead to me not enhancing the roleplay on twitter when I should of done and if I'm unbanned I would of learned from my mistake and ultimately be a better player to the server and bringing the best roleplay as possible.
  3. I couldn't find the c rules so I thought it was a spelling mistake for G. so I didn't RDM I used a homosexual slur to the person I was talking to. As of this I have realised were I have gone wrong, it was a heated situation and I wasn't thinking clearly. I instantly regretted saying it as I let the situation get personal, letting the roleplay effect me in real life.
  4. Unban Appeal for BigA3958 In-game Name: Aaron Doyle Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199082910999 The date you got banned: 03/06/21 Member of the team that banned you: stealthee Reason given for your ban: RDM, OOC, OOC on twiiter In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I believe I was banned because I was warned about out of character in twitter and as I was already annoyed about the situation I put it again as it slipped my mind. As it was a big situation at the time with a lot going as it states I broke the RDM rule I cant recall when but if I did so I had no intention of breaking this rule as I never wanted to get banned. Why should we unban you ?: I've been on the server for the past 2 weeks, I want to be unbanned because I am for the first time enjoying a well made roleplay server. I am in a gang on the city and I am really enjoying the roleplay aspect, I know I was OOC on twitter but its just a harmless mistake. from this I have learnt more about the rules as I read them over several times and I understand were I went wrong. If given another chance I will make sure I wont break anymore rules and when roleplay is expected I will make sure I will enhance it for myself and others. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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