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  1. I understand I was in the wrong, but I didn't have bad intentions, I did not know I was doing wrong, that's why I was extremely confused when I was banned. As mentioned before, I thought this was normal, and I apologise for that, I wish I had read the rules more closely, and I will pass this information on to others if I see them do this from now on. Around 90% of the people I see selling drugs are doing this, people are not aware, but I will make it my duty to make them aware. I have come forward in the past regarding exploits, for example letting an admin know of the *REMOVED BY STAFF*, but the admin was already aware and told me it was being worked on. I'm not here to exploit, I'm not here to be the richest person in the city, that defeats the purpose of an RP server IMO, but at the same time I can see how my actions made it look like I was using this exploit to my advantage, and this in turn makes it look like I will abuse future exploits. It is not in my interest to exploit on an RP server, I was naive and dumb to the fact that I didn't know I was exploiting and should have known by reading the rules more closely before hand. You have my word that this will not happen again. EDIT regarding Nihawwwww's post below as I don't want to bump the thread: When selling to people in cars, I also did this to save my self from inadvertently being killed by the driver. However, if you read the rule closely, it is still exploiting at the end of the day. I have made a suggestion about this a few months ago, I hope someone can look in to this a little further as bans get harsher on the matter: https://www.roleplay.co.uk/topic/128978-change-character-animation-when-you-sell-drugs-to-npcs/
  2. In hindsight, it wasn't worth it at all. I now understand how this was wrong, and at the end of the day it's an RP server and isn't meant to be competitive, but is meant to be about the RP and keeping things honest/fair, so shaving those few seconds off was idiotic. I apologize for my actions.
  3. Unban Appeal for JDM-4 In-game Name: Joey Walker Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198024725760 Ban ID: rpuk#3805 Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: After reading the rule C2.2, I understand that I was banned for pressing the 'X' key to break out of a handshake when doing a drug deal with a local customer. Ever since I had joined the server, I had been told by others to do this to speed up the process, and even today, before my ban, saw many others do it, including gang members, so I had no idea it was against the rules. After reading the rule closely, I now fully understand this is bypassing an animation, which is something I am not meant to do on the server. Why should we unban you ?: I have now read the rule clearly, and also all other rules to ensure nothing like this happens again. I have been on the server since the start of the year and have done nothing but tried to RP fairly with others, I feel I have followed the rules closely as I have been on many different RP servers before this one. I have a company on the server which I regularly RP with (The Hemp Company) and I'm here for the RP. I hosted a race/car meet on the server last night at the Pier which many people enjoyed, and I stayed in character for the whole thing, which I'm sure people can vouch for. Now that I know this rule clearly, and how the X key bypasses a drug deal animation, I will not do it ever again while selling drugs. I will also pass this information on to others in OOC chat whenever possible. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. https://i.imgur.com/muqlmfP.png Street races at 11PM tonight! (Saturday) £10K wagers, double your money! 


  5. Still happens to me on the daily and it's really bad but don't think the Devs will do anything about it so haven't pursued it further. Devs don't really sell drugs on the server so they can't see how annoying it is to find a good batch of locals for once and have 80% of them say no, but is what it is.
  6. Range rover velar also has 100 storage, needs to be fixed. Guy opposing it in the first comment is wrong, SUVs are 150 storage and both the Jag and Range are SUVs, simple as that.
  7. Maybe the yes rate is different when you try and sell 1 at a time, but at the end of the day that takes a lot longer even if you're getting more for your money. I will record more footage of all the other times I get around 10 no's in a row. I still stand by what I wrote in my original post.
  8. These are gang turfs with gang members, especially if you're wearing their colours they should be buying off you. At least there should be more yes's than no's, and you are correct, the more players on the server the less NPC's, and from 3PM-1AM the server is at max capacity, even more reason to up the 'yes' rate on drug deals. Going to every single turf doesn't work when you're a gang member, and even as a non gang member, I'm not paying tax to every gang just to sell on their turf, many gangs charge 7.5K now and I hear they receive alerts if someone is selling on their turf, making it even harder to sell on their turf without paying tax. All signs point towards the yes rate being upped, even if it is by ~25%. You are one of the rare ones that wouldn't want this change, but like I said in the original post, many people I RP with have had the same issues, and you can walk up to someone while they sell and ask how many times they've been said no to and they'll most likely say 'too many times'.
  9. https://streamable.com/ybkm0p In the clip shown here, I want to clarify that I had over 100 weed on me at the time, which is proven after a recent patch where it will now give you a message saying you don't have any drugs to sell if you are carrying 0 (just in case anyone tries saying maybe I didn't have any weed on me), also I have zoomed the video in to hide my character from meta-gamers. This happens way too often, sometimes I will try to sell weed to locals and I will go around 7-15 times in a row where the local will say no. I wish I had more footage but I have only recently started using my Nvidia instant replay. It may not exactly be a bug, but PLEASE devs change the code a little so they say accept the deal more than they don't. Locals are so finicky on this server, sometimes they'll pop up in abundance, but majority of the time there are hardly any locals available in the areas that you can sell drugs, so when they finally do pop up, we as players don't want constant "no's" to our deals, I understand the occasional no, but I feel like the no rate at the moment is far too high. I'm not the only one that thinks this, many other gang members also think this. Please have a look in to this and at least take it in to consideration, maybe try it out your self to see how irritating it is to us players, we don't want to spend all our time trying to sell drugs, we want to also RP, but this is making it painfully slow to sell drugs. Thank you for viewing.
  10. When you're not using mouse control for phones, you press Enter to add a note to the notes app, but this doesn't work if you have mouse control enabled on your phone, and nothing allows you to add a note. I've tried every key and mouse button, nothing lets you add a note. Also, if you're driving and you receive a phone call and you use mouse control for phones, you can't control your vehicle until you pick up/cancel the phone call. Please can these bugs be sorted, thank you.
  11. Also the lights on the front and the back are all wrong, the light it self looks strange and the glow comes from a different place. I reckon the whole panamara model should be replaced, it really is a bad model especially compared to the Porsche Macan which is a great model.
  12. Recent change on the development changelog shows this: Increased drug prices @Stealthee However, I have tried 3 batches of '100 bagged weed' and nothing has changed, the money you get is still the exact same, but I have noticed a lot of NPC's rejecting your offer on the weed, so I don't know if something was changed in the script but the amount of rejections you get in a row is a joke. Hoping this gets looked at soon, drugs really do need a boost as it makes half as much as fishing in the same time frame imo.
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