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  1. Not sure how 5m works and all that
  2. Been out the loop for some time now but jumped on and seen ALUK is not there anymore, and was wondering what happened.
  3. That's fucking rats like!!!!
  4. Event Name: KOTH (king of the hill) Description of Event: well this is a easy one, some good old king of the hill, i remember years ago this was a thing, wondering if it could be brought back for a night? Time and date: Like a Friday or something Reward: N/A Requirements from players (i.e. bring vehicle): N/A Required admin assistance: N/A
  5. You could always kidnap some people and make them do it, and still reward the winner, that way it is still with-in the rules, #HoboDeathPit
  6. so i seen there is a Day Z server, so i had look to see if there is any rules on it and could not find anything, so is it a normal server or is it a RP one?
  7. Wow this is still going, i mind when it started so banned for being a way to happy cat
  8. Suppose it is time to give it another go

    1. Gordon


      Welcome back!

    2. Steven Seabass

      Steven Seabass

      That’s what I like to hear!

  9. So i have been away for a bit, i wanted to get back into role playing and i logged on and went to one of my houses and then seen they are all gone, now i don't know why this is i am guessing if i have not logged on in some time all my stuff gets removed, just ant to know if this is the case or not?
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