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  1. Thanks to the devs and staff who took time out of their day to have a chat with everybody today in discord. It's been refreshing and hopefully we can do more of these in the future, thanks again
  2. @Nikolai 1 - Hosted by Staff / Devs to answer community questions 2 - If you don't try you'll never know if it's going to be beneficial. I feel meetings like this is the one of the best ways for the community to stay in touch and talk out the ongoing issues present in the server. If it's not beneficial then stop doing them, it doesn't hurt anybody to try and have at least 30 mins to an hour of time to talk about it. 3 - Nobody uses TS other than whitelisted groups that are required to stay on TS and people who grew up with it. The exposure would be a lot bigger if meetings were to happen in discord. I also don't understand why you're trying so hard to justify not having the meeting, what's so awfully bad about bringing the community together for an hour once every few weeks to talk out the issues and improve everybodys experience when we log in to the server?
  3. I know staff and whitelisted groups have their meetings every few weeks however I think it would be beneficial to also add community meetings back to the mix. Everybody would be able to sit down together and talk about issues, concerns, ideas and future of the FiveM server. Many posts have been going up lately about the state of the RP server and a bunch of people have mixed opinions. I feel like community meetings would be good in a sense that all the gangs/orgs/devs/staff will be able to point what's going good and bad, and how can we fix it for the future so the server doesn't turn into a clown fiesta. It would be a good way to bring the community together and figure out a way forward and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. We could schedule meetings in discord once or twice a month and let everybody listen in and bring people in to talk and give feedback about the server, so everybody in the community is included. -Stve (Weekly might be a bit too often but every once in a while whenever the staff and devs have some spare time to have a chat)
  4. Stve

    FiveM - Vehicle Handling

    More finished vehicles handlings added to the pastebin (will edit the one in the previous post): - Lexus RCF - M4 Duke - Mitsubishi Eclipse - Ferrari 458 - Audi RS7 - Golf GTI - Honda Civic Type-R - Ford Focus RS Note: Goal here is to try and correct all the original model of cars from GTA5M first, as they are the ones usually with issues (base game cars are fine for now). I'm basing the handling of cars on racing games I've played in the past, the main one being Forza Horizon (without the crazy speeds), giving them the more arcadey/realistic feel to fit the RP server better. To get the best results from the car especially in races, cars are setup with tighter steering lock to make the players follow the racing line and take the corners more precisely. Update: - Clicking on specific car, will take you to the GTA 5 Mods page to clarify which model I used to setup the handling. - Will update the pastebin above in a few minutes and the links. -Stve
  5. HNY everyone! Starting off 2022 with a bang
  6. Happy New Year! 😄 

  7. #WeWantHabibiBack

  8. I've been working on adjusting a few of the vehicles on server that in my opinion could use a little tweaking. Here are the ones I've done so far however, the speed needs to be adjusted by the devs to fit the classes better (I don't know the exact speeds). I'll be going off the vehicle feedback thread grabbing a few of the vehicles that drive below par. If anybody wants to test them out and give feedback, it would be appreciated. I've tried my best to grab the correct vehicles from GTA 5 Mods however some models might be wrong and handle incorrectly. I'd be happy to continue with the thread and update it regularly, if of course the devs would like me to. Here are the vehicles that I've currently finished tweaking: - Audi R8 - Audi RS6 Sedan - Audi RS6 - Skyline R32 - Mazda RX-7 - Porsche 911 GT3 - Jeep Trackhawk Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/QBET3ygR (updated 05/01/22) Thanks, Stve.
  9. Roleplay.co.uk in FiveM browser or f8 command 'connect xaamj5'
  10. Merry Christmas to everyone.
    It was a wild year with corona virus, the lockdowns and all that shite but RPUK made it that much more fun and bearable. Thanks to community and the devs and lets hope next year is even more exciting. Stay safe and enjoy Christmas, see you guys next year. 
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      Merry Christmas my guy.

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  11. Hello again, I've thought about posting this a few times through (mainly so its not too disrespectful, bit funny and a little sarcastic). I didn't know it was you until I've seen this tweedle post that went up earlier today, which swayed Stevie's course of action prompting him to posting what he did. I still don't know for certain if it was you or any of the other triads however what was said in that post, is what made Stevie believe it was you. Just to make it clear, the only reason I posted this below is to show the timestamp and when the post was tweeded. I have been ingame at that time and I have seen the post myself. Regardless, I'm sorry to hear that you didn't pass your audition as a baseball. Hopefully things work out for you and I hope your head isn't too sore next time you're around. Thanks, Stevie.
  12. Here's the rest of the information Session ID: 144 Character Name: Stevie Guilfoyle Time: 01:00 roughly~ Stevie's character doesn't use any guns (maybe that's why I get robbed so often). If I catch someone lacking, expect a bat to the face. During wars, all I ever use is a baseball bat, neon glasses and a sip of that lovely green juice. If my boys are getting shot, I'm not just gonna stay there and watch, I'll charge you with a bat. Sorry you didn't like getting bonked on the head but it is what it is. That's all I got to say really, if you're not satisfied with the response, not much I can do. Thanks, Stevie.
  13. You'd still remember all the people and organizations you're a part of. F. Augustus already made a post about on his profile but would be cool to see actual votes and if people agree or not. Personally, I feel like a full server wipe would give the server an opportunity to mainly fix the economy, and this time around make gangs specialize in new and unique "paths" they're deciding to take. With gangs changing their image and writing new lore, they could focus on "new them", and forget the past.
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