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  1. My favorite level 5 gay vegan xx
  2. Stve

    FiveM - Vehicle Handling

    Just a little update, I haven't forgotten about this thread. I'm working quietly in the shadows slowly tipping away at all the cars. Bunch of people gave me feedback on the cars that were updated so far and it really is greatly appreciated. By no means are the cars listed above are "fully finished", it was mainly just to gather feedback and see what people think. I've worked (and reworked) through quiet a bunch of them ever since the last post, but there's still a lot of them left. What takes up most of the time is figuring out which class the vehicle is placed in and trying to download the correct model of the car. Base game cars shouldn't be too difficult to fly through. Just to mention, whatever top speed and acceleration the cars have now, will remain the same. I can only alter the handling of the model and make it feel like it fits in that class more. If you want the speed changed, head over to this thread and recommend moving the car up or down a class. I've finished the majority of the JDM, German, Supers, Sultans and some other little cars. Focus now is to find out which other 'imports' are on the server and start taking care of them, eventually moving onto the LS tuners, muscle cars and SUV's. Any further feedback is appreciated, thankyou -Stve
  3. Nothing to do with the upgrades or mods but the handling setup of the car. Bottoming out, inability to absorb bumps / curbs is caused by upper and lower limit being setup incorrectly. One way to fix is enable handling flag 20002 (tyre-clipping + reduce mod mass) or adjust values above.
  4. For a combat pistol now, you'd pay anywhere between 200-250k if you're not in a gang. @Simon Ross Playing as a criminal and doing my own thing away from the gang, I'd only ever take out the pistol if I really needed to but 95% of the time, I'd manage just as well without it. Participating in beef with gangs (like the vagos vs coalition now), there is no possible way for you to avoid losing stuff unless a miracle happens and somehow you get to keep it. I know where you coming from, crims just running around with guns robbing everything and everyone but, you're never going to get rid of them. It's just one of these things that you will always have to deal with, and never find a solution for unless you take away the weapons completely. Don't punish the gangs because some Andy that has been on the server for 2 weeks and is ruining it for everybody. Weapons are part of the gangs story and image, and it doesn't make sense for gangs to grind for hours on end to afford anything. They've already worked hard enough to get what they have so why make them work twice as hard for something that is literally a part of them (one of the reasons why cheap engraved weapons should be cheaper at least). Nobody said all the weapons should be cheap, big guns should always stay expensive. @Zulufighter Everybody always says how privileged all the gangs are but to be honest, we're not that much different from any crim that plays the server. We still have to work just as hard as any other person, to get anything at all. We don't get anything for free unless we put the work into the process (the coke runs of course are free, however we still have to grind and contest it with all the gangs on the server). We try our best to represent the server in the best way possible and make it an enjoyable place for everybody to be a part of, but the grind takes away A LOT from that experience.
  5. I think everything that I wanted to say about the engraved and guns in general, @Nice Guyhas summed it up. I'd also prefer if people answered the question first (which some people already have done, thankyou) before giving your opinions on other peoples points. We're going to get more out of this post that way xx.
  6. Question mainly directed at gangs, police and any other whitelisted groups in the server. What's the main reason, that's stopping you from enjoying the RP scenario when you lose, and what do you gain from winning? What would make you care less about losing a situation and enjoying it more? (My) Gang / Org Perspective: Being part of the Apostles since the beginning, and now the Coalition. The server is run by gangs and the main objective for each gang is to stack up that weapon arsenal, deal and sell drugs and beef other gangs right?. No matter which way you look at it, you have to grind to get any of these things and it's not easy, it's VERY time consuming. When it comes to gang wars, if you don't have any of these things, you're irrelevant and of course this point doesn't stand if gangs do melee. The fear of losing anything is just over the roof in these situations and you can't avoid it with the police always prowling about trying to snatch anything possible. I can definitely see why gangs would always want to win something like this because losing just means wiping all the stuff the gang has worked for so hard. It shouldn't be like that. The buildup is always enjoyable prior to eventually turning it into a war if necessary. As soon as war gets on the way, people start getting salty, reports start flying in and people start looking for excuses saying "this person broke this rule" or "this happened, I didn't like that" because assets have been lost. Don't get me wrong, it sucks. I've been through many grind fests and losing stuff isn't the end all for me but I'm sure it can be for some other people. I've come here to chill, enjoy my time and learn how to RP (also one of the main reason why I use a bat for anything and everything). Dedicating my time to grinding for expensive things like these is just straight up out the window. I feel like if there was a way for gangs to use pistols that are not as expensive as 250k, it would make everybodys experience a lot more enjoyable and less stressful (perhaps you disagree). Even crafting engraved pistols for gangs for a lot less cheaper so it can be easily affordable to bring you through a war (that's another suggestion in itself though). Thanks, -Stve
  7. All you wrote is a bunch of waffle, assumptions and nonsense.
  8. What absolute shit are you chatting? Who said I don't? There's me time and there's gang time.
  9. If I'm doing something to advance my characters story, why the fuck would I be wearing gang clothing? Whatever I do at that time, has nothing to do with the gang or organisation but myself. Me, being part of an org is only part of my characters story. I don't live and breath and do everything with the org. I have my own clothes, cars and activities that I do on the daily that do not involve the org at all. Why should I represent them if they have nothing relevant to do with what I'm doing in my own time?
  10. Thanks to the devs and staff who took time out of their day to have a chat with everybody today in discord. It's been refreshing and hopefully we can do more of these in the future, thanks again
  11. @Nikolai 1 - Hosted by Staff / Devs to answer community questions 2 - If you don't try you'll never know if it's going to be beneficial. I feel meetings like this is the one of the best ways for the community to stay in touch and talk out the ongoing issues present in the server. If it's not beneficial then stop doing them, it doesn't hurt anybody to try and have at least 30 mins to an hour of time to talk about it. 3 - Nobody uses TS other than whitelisted groups that are required to stay on TS and people who grew up with it. The exposure would be a lot bigger if meetings were to happen in discord. I also don't understand why you're trying so hard to justify not having the meeting, what's so awfully bad about bringing the community together for an hour once every few weeks to talk out the issues and improve everybodys experience when we log in to the server?
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