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  1. Was good fun today, Stivie had a blast
  2. When police searches people and for example find a bag of cocaine, police just tends to read the label and be like "yep this is coke let me take it off". If police come across people, that actually want to roleplay and sell the police a fake story for example oh its not coke its flour etc. and then go with it. I'd like to see the police take the substance back and get it examined and shit like that. You cannot possibly know that it's cocaine unless you test it. Same goes with pharmacy robberies when you steal the bottles, powders etc., if I RP to scrape the label, how can the police know it's x substance. Would be more exciting I feel.
  3. It is nice however every time I see you, you always confiscate the Stevie baseball bat. Next time you take it, all I'm saying is I might have something else hiding in my other pocket
  4. Lights do pop up like in picture above. It's also missing 3 extra chassis mods, one above in picture and 2 more with different hood and mirrors. It has 1 extra exhaust, 4 Decals are missing on the windshield, Also the back bumper has 2 different choices (I don't remember if it's in-game or not, can't remember.)
  5. I keep mine on normal too. With re-shade and project rogue visual mod the game looks really good. Doesn't impact performance too much. MSAA kills fps so I have that off always. If you wanna try the mod look it up on youtube it's free.
  6. Talking about the future of the server, I wanna add something that I miss. Autocare I miss the old Autocare and the social hub that the players created in there. We had car meet ups, raffles and the owners would always source a few new cars everyday. The place would always be busy ranging from new to old players in the server. When I bought my first car, it was a big deal for my character. I had to wait days before Mick could source it, when it finally got in he let me test drive it, he talked about it gave me the experience that many new players don't get anymore. It's a small piece in the puzzle but things like these, made the feel the sense of progression in the city. It made me log back into the server to check what's happening in Autocare today and it made me excited to come back. I don't like how restocks happen on the 3rd of every month. I don't like how people line up in dealerships to buy the car only to re sell it for profit the day after. I don't like how dealership owners can't list modified cars anymore (or just cars from the player-base in general). I don't like how we have so many duplicate cars making them feel not unique anymore.
  7. Hi Stevie

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    2. Liam


      Hi Stevie

    3. Stve


      Hi Liam, I'm Stevie

    4. Jonny Barnes

      Jonny Barnes

      Hi Stevie, I'm Jonny 🙂 

  8. Played among us yesterday and he was screaming at me for the whole night -rep

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    2. Lunar


      Just a peek into what it was like.

    3. FatherAugustus



    4. Lunar


      Frank and Raj sus af

  9. I'll turn you into a mosque pal
  10. I appreciate it pal thankyou
  11. Once radio is turned on, you can drop the radio and still transmit over it.
  12. Still broken, back again on the 9th. I'll be back next month same day
  13. Stve

    Michael The Medic

    Shoutout to Michael the Medic (I hope that's how you spell the name). I've been a frequent visitor at the hospital lately and Michael always makes the experience a little more enjoyable haha. Might have to play more baseball games just to have a chat with Michael.
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