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  1. what did james lakewell say to steve at the very end of the gunfight? tried to figure it out using subtitles lol but it didn't help
  2. @Norman i honestly think Jo wants Buckells job so she can help the OCG out more, it wouldn't surprise me at all. Loved how they didn't drag the whole Ryan thing out, i thought they were going to drag it out til the last few eps, he's a smuggy little so and so isn't he, i also like how it showed how much of an amateur he is at doing corrupt stuff. What do you guys think of Steph and Steve? i feel like Steve had good intentions but after digging deeper he's realised there's something sus about her and Ted, that's why he tried to search for some sort of evidence. Buckells is too stupid to be involved with the OCG, i mean cmon the guy was holding a golf club hahah, it was too obvious,. I also Think that Jo is starting to become abit weary of Kate, so maybe's we'll see some conflict between those two. I also believe that Kate is in deep undercover with The Hill, there's way too much eye contact between her and Ted, That nod aswell when she was leaving was very revealing. Finally, i think the best Tedism was showed tonight "The name's Hastings ma'am, I'm the epitome of an old battle" LIKE CMONNNN i couldn't help but love that line so much
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