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  1. Go wash 

    1. AF12


      Who are you speaking to pumpkin head !

  2. Big up Willie don't think he can see this tho as he's forum banned
  3. Couldn't agree more the city's going crazy at the minute is what I have been told Drugs , and guns is all it is now I think this needs fixing ASAP or it will be detrimental to the servers pop.
  4. Welcome back John sukie!

  5. Big yes thanatos this needs to be addressed ! Also beans need to be talked about too.
  6. Miss you teddy x

    Alex and wong 

  7. Noah 100% Deserves that keep it up noah x Fave Noah J quotes: "Hello Alex bro " "Hello Bro " "Alex I have a job for you man"
  8. John Sukie On Top !


    Alex Ferkis 💖

  9. AF12

    I think you need to change your PFP and your back ground sir 


    1. Haza


      All changed now - never got round to doing it

  10. Thanks for your reply nuclear, yes i am aware of the gear that was supposedly tried to save will be wiped and i completely agree with so , i understand i went the wrong way with receiving help in the situation and i am sure it will never happen in the future I look forward to your reply ! I Know were i went wrong in this situation and i know there was rules broken/breached if i was to get Unbanned i will make sure i will not relog whilst Down i will let My character bleed out file a comp request and proceed onwards !
  11. Firstly, Thanks for your reply i think its best i layer the logs out in order I got picked up by a bystander who had picked me up after i had woken up originally and he had put me in the car and i fell through the floor and then i relogged then off we went to pillbox Arrived at pillbox interior was invisible f1 didn't work relogged Fix Archie's eye with the hospital check in well what i thought would work Relogged then some guy came to pick me up and he did say i need to pick you up so you can see the option so i agreed it didn't work he dropped me then he left and went on his way Friend came to pillbox and took me to the hospital (Sandy) same thing with number one occurred Not to sure with this one it might of been something to do with the NHS as they found me up at sandy and picked me up Through out this ordeal i was using ooc and Discord Tickets to try flag the attention of the admins my logs were not to reset or abuse the timer or as the ticket relates it to a combat log (Not sure how as i was not in a RP situation) I am Honestly giving the truth about the situation and being 100% Honest and truthful with you guys as lying will get me no were and again thanks for your reply and the chance to appeal it again and i hope to see a reply soon PS. In the future i will make sure i make a comp ticket and seek help that way !
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