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  1. Goodbye RPUK.

    unknown (2).png

    1. Nice Guy

      Nice Guy

      Albert Winsford on top. RIP.

    2. AF12


      Ontop of the twat chart maybe 😎

  2. Thank you for your reply, Yes I have spoken to 2 members of staff first one being CSI one-shot and I have spoken to TBJ about the situation never got sorted though. I'll make a ticket on discord and clarify I'm going to speak to you thanks for your time.
  3. Hey hector !

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    2. Hecter Medellin

      Hecter Medellin

      You been up to anything?

    3. AF12


      Nah bro love your profile picture btw 

    4. Hecter Medellin

      Hecter Medellin

      Fair enough n ye its just some random crackhead couldnt be bothered changing it 

  4. Okay booting up pc ! EDIT: Here now
  5. Devil time.....


  6. Thanks for your reply Fluqi, just sorting pc out and ill be right there.
  7. Unban Appeal for AF12 In-game Name: Alex wong Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198170356882 Ban ID: !!rpuk5953!! Reason given for your ban: (C1.1) Bullying (C1.9) Age Restrictions In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: Before i start my appeal i'd like to take this moment to apologize for lying in my last appeal ALSO playing the fool and not acknowledge what i had done and to tell the truth in THIS appeal any who, The reason placed with my ban was due to my comment about an other players personal life which i wont mention i have further contacted him and said my apologies. The other reason i got banned was for me being underage. Why should we unban you ?: I have since turned 18 years of age of last month and have reflected on my actions that led to my ban and thought about the problems it could cause in the player base, i have also reflected on my actions towards the said player and have made contact with him and have apologised to him. I am sorry for your time i wasted on my last appeal i should'nt of lied and claimed to play fool to my actions that took place. The only thing i can do is say sorry. Since joining this server i have met alot of great people and my RP Has developed and grew into something great, I've always prided myself on being a fair RP'er and not one to care about winning situations/ gaining profit from them . I would love to have the chance to play here again and be apart of the comunity once more once again i am sorry for my actions and the harm that they have caused the individuals involved (Wont mention names) i await your response ! Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  8. AF12

    Googly eyed tramp.

    1. B0sh


      Bog eyed cunt.

    2. AF12


      Apologise now.

  9. AF12

    Jason "Slut-ham"

    Fuck you jason -Alex Wong
  10. Big up Willie don't think he can see this tho as he's forum banned
  11. Couldn't agree more the city's going crazy at the minute is what I have been told Drugs , and guns is all it is now I think this needs fixing ASAP or it will be detrimental to the servers pop.
  12. Welcome back John sukie!

  13. Big yes thanatos this needs to be addressed ! Also beans need to be talked about too.
  14. Miss you teddy x

    Alex and wong 

  15. Noah 100% Deserves that keep it up noah x Fave Noah J quotes: "Hello Alex bro " "Hello Bro " "Alex I have a job for you man"
  16. John Sukie On Top !


    Alex Ferkis 💖

  17. AF12

    I think you need to change your PFP and your back ground sir 


    1. Haza


      All changed now - never got round to doing it

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