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  1. "I'm gonna smoke the whole PD walhi" genuinely pissed myself 

  2. Suggested this myself a while back, seeing the condition that GTA is in with there being nothing to do RedM would be mind numbingly boring at least on GTA the map is small enough to be able to find people. Fuck a 45 minute horse ride and seeing no one
  3. Come home soon bro


  4. Big El Capitano my boy from back in the day miss him
  5. I miss interesting RP storylines and the social spots around the city such as auto care or Legion Square before a restart back in February last year. Good times, I miss them things will never be the same. And to add onto what @Albert WinsfordI miss gangs being gangs everyone's a pussy now a days.
  6. Most memorable? Probably hearing someone cry over an R8, still remember it like it was yesterday. Rat but memorable.
  7. Shout out 2dogggss laaaaaa

  8. Ayoooooo 

    1. Nihawwwww


      myyy guyyy unooo

  9. Fuck the mines #HybridsOnTop
  10. unknown.png

    Fucking miss these days @Cal Wainwhere did the time go lad?

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    2. Darren Bridges

      Darren Bridges

      @TigerforceHow the fuck did you win that

    3. Tigerforce


      I didn't i just got picked as one of the think it was 10 possible winners. And was the first to be eliminated 😞

    4. Tigerforce


      Surprise you still have that photo tbh. Thought it was deleted a long time ago

  11. @Isak Vladislav Had my best times in Marabunta, made my fondest memories and my best mates from the server. Love every second of being a member of MBG from the day I met them until the day I left always had a lot of respect for all of them especially Josh, took me in when I needed someone to show me the way of the real gang life. Big up Marabunta and wish you all the best in your futures whatever it is you guys decide to do. Not a day goes by where I think of how different a person I'd be if I never left, but I think I left that part of Dazz in the past tonight in the best possible way. Appreciate all the photos and the post!
  12. Chat shit get cupcaked!

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