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  1. What other crimes are there to commit? Sell drugs where I've seen police straight up bonnet people off of a bike just to cuff them and arrest them. Rob life invader which gets repetitive and has pretty much no reward. Rob cops which is high risk high reward and the only thing that feels like an actual crime worth committing but turns into reports because police don't want to be classed as vending machines and it does get boring trying to rob a fed when a lot of them show blatant NVL by pressing their panic buttons with multiple guns to their heads. Big bank isn't accessible for a lot of players to do. And for FTS some people enjoy being in a car chase and getting some adrenaline pumping when getting chased by a group of police after committing a crime I don't know why getting into a chase with a FTS is so frowned upon its giving both parties an activity to get involved in and creates avenues for good RP between a criminal and the police.
  2. Back in the old days where we could do pretty much any crime and it be expected because we were the street gang who didn't have a massive armoury or mass amounts of armoured cars but would still beef bigger gangs and get in a tonne of trouble with police. Didn't rely on wars for fun but instead would chill on turf and have a laugh or commit small crimes such as robbing shops and having good RP with feds
  3. Met some of my best mate from the server in Marabunta will always be thankful for that. Had some of my best laughs there loved every day of it whether it be Tujm robbing someone and shouting that their nan has chlamydia or when we were at war with Triads constantly I enjoyed it thoroughly. Crazy to see how much its changed since I met everyone who was apart of it back in the day. Great read mate Happy Birthday Bunta and ScouseBunta forever.
  4. Well I seem to recall a few of your members saying that they were just going to RDM anyone that they had roleplayed with in the past because it would be deemed "fine" by staff which is not what they were telling you at that point in time, they were simply stating that since yourselves and Vagos have been having an unofficial war that this sort of this is to be expecting within Roleplay albeit in colours, which staff did say was the only thing wrong with the situation. You were caught at a point where you did not expect an attack and in real life if gang members kill each other the best time to do it is when they are least expecting it, not when they are stood with an army of people ready to take the attacker on. Personally I agree with your statement with you saying that having any kind of beef for a period is a free RDM pass as that person/group know that you have had beef and should be expecting retaliation this would make the server more immersive and life like as the rule of initiating is always a grey area. In the past when people have killed police for doing something against them I have heard police say there was no initiation and that saying "Fuck the police" would have sufficed but have then seen police still report people when someone says something short with them. In short if your in danger especially in the middle of a gang war whether it be official or not you should never think that you are safe because chances are you will get hit when you least expect it. Do I agree with Vagos being blacked out? No not really but it was their choice so I went along with it, its their gang at the end of the day and if I'm helping them what they say goes. As for new players to the server witnessing people get shot its no different to real life if your out and about and witness someone getting attacked there's not much you can do especially if you are spending your time in a known gangs territory, you know the risk you are getting yourself into when you are associated with a gang or are close with one so should always be prepared to see those around you get hit by their enemies. It's not as if you were getting a group photo in the middle of legion, you were all just stood in the middle of your car park on turf when you where hit so as I previously stated, if a new player is chilling with you on your turf they have to expect to see people get hit at some point.
  5. It's not a long winded way of me saying anything, its me explaining my involvement in the situation. And my answer to you bringing up the fact that I came down the street after hearing shots, is yes I did because that's what you do when you involve yourself in a firefight, you react to the information you are given and value your own life as well as those around you who you are fighting with to ensure they survive. By bringing that up you are essentially saying that if you caught wind of Grove pushing someone as you had just come onto coms or loaded in the server that you would do nothing and distance yourself from the situation which doesn't seem likely. You are trying to poke holes in what I have said to make it look as though I have done something wrong by reacting to my friends being shot. I did not speak as I believed something had been said which I have stated, I also did not speak as I am a Balla and it was not Ballas as a gangs business to be a part of but my own individual actions as I helped friends of mine similar to how they have helped me in the past. You respond to my statement about Ballas saying that the beef between our gangs is irrelevant in this situation and I agree with you, but if you had taken the time to actually read what it was I had said you would realise that I state that our beef is squashed. You clearly skimmed through my response seen key words and decided it was enough to go on because of the fact you where ooc malding at the fact you were killed, I know this as Kieron was streaming the TS call which I was not in as once again I didn't know that Bobby had not said anything in game but quite frankly after seeing how your gang conducted yourself to the parties involved (Vagos and Staff) I'm glad I was not there. Staff are a mutual party that are there to mediate and take time out of their day to do so and the fact that some of your members decided it was fine to ignore what they were saying and shout over them about how you were just gonna break rules in the server sort of shows the type of people you are when something doesn't go your way. I am sorry this situation didn't end inn your favour but that's unfortunately how life is I wish you all the best in your next engagement with the Vagos carrying on and hope that war rules are soon set so that a bigger report war doesn't spiral out from this situation. I am happy to jump into TS with a member of staff who was in the call yesterday and explain my side in person rather than on the forums so you can get a better understanding of what was happening for us, so (Chaos, Ram, Stuart) if any of you would like to contact me to set up a TS meeting my Discord should be linked to my profile but if not here it my username - StePettit#3224
  6. Myself and Cainey were in the Aston Martin DBS (612 and 607) and were sitting at the top of the road near Grove gas and were waiting on the word down radio to start shooting. Whilst waiting we heard that shots had been fired down the radio and could see shots going off, thinking that those that we were helping out had been getting shot at which alerted us to the scene to which we responded by driving down the road and began shooting. We believed the situation had been initiated as this is what we had been told down the radio and reacted accordingly to a shootout that we were involved in. When planning on the drive by the plan was to wait on the street for the word to be given down the radio to begin shooting. We had been told that Bobby was going initiate by shouting something along the lines of "this is a message for Tok". After meeting up with the Vagos we made our way to our individual positions and as stated in my previous paragraph, had been given the green light to begin the attack, being based at Grove gas means we would not be able to hear Bobby and were relying on coms to be given a signal, and all we heard down radio was "shots" and "one down" therefore meaning myself and Cainey took our planned out route down the street and began to assist. As seen in Toks clip you can briefly see us in the DBS based at the top of Grove street, therefore enforcing the fact that we would not be able to hear Bobby and were relying on Coms and also conveys why we did not speak as the fighting had already started. We also did not speak as we were only present to assist as it had been requested by Vagos that a few of their older members (if they had the time) would come and give a helping hand and I agreed being friends with a decent amount of members in the gang as they have helped me in the past. We did not want to outright identify ourselves as Ballas as it is Vagos's fight and our two gangs don't need to fight due to our beef being squashed. With us only being there to assist if things go wrong we decided sitting at the top of the street was the best option as our gang is not directly involved as it only concerns those who help was requested from and not the gang as a whole. If any further information is needed I am happy to reply.
  7. When loading in sometimes voip doesnt work, there is no indicator for how loud you are speaking and nobody can hear you as well as no one being able to hear you either. On the odd occasion you will be able to hear one player who is having a similar issue on a city wide scale rather than the local proximity chat the server typically has.
  8. Yes Boss man 

    1. Frank LeTank

      Frank LeTank

      Giddy Up I says Boss man.

  9. Had an excellent few interactions over time with you Shep hope to see you back soon at one point or another to have some more!

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