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  1. Should i get into GTA RP? 🤔

    1. Norman


      For a week, then disappear for another year? 😛 

    2. Proxeum


      Obviously 👀

  2. Hope everyone's doing great!

  3. Thank you for the amazing memories and friends I have made since 2014. Thank you to everyone I met in AEGIS and thank you for the amazing time in the NHS. I wish everyone the best in life and maybe one day I'll pop onto fivem
  4. Happy birthday mate, have a good one, I genuinely thought you were an old man like me!

  5. Just want to say it's been an absolute blast since joining the server back in 2014, made some amazing memories and friends along the way, hopefully see some of you on Malden!

  6. Founding member badge is sexy 👌

    1. Kyle James

      Kyle James

      Correct only the elitists have it 

    2. Norman


      Still waiting on mine 😛 

    3. Kyle James

      Kyle James

      Not long, be getting that 7 years next month 😄

  7. Oops missed my six year ALUK/RPUK anniversary! 

    1. Wilco


      Well celebrate it today!

  8. Live at twitch.tv/proxeum got my Internet back! 

  9. Reminds me of when I just joined the server back in 2014 and my first ever group was called altis Airlines. Managed to get some amazing interactions running that group, best of luck to you and sliol definitely be giving you a call!
  10. When we playing some sea of thieves? 💪

    1. Vladic Ka

      Vladic Ka

      Im on most of tomorrow.

    2. Proxeum


      Sweet, I'll give you a message tomorrow. 

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