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  1. Base of operations Announcement Let us once again begin with the fact that we appreciate all of our clients and business partners for their support. We will be releasing our weekly bulletin on Sunday outlining our work in more detail. The purpose of this post is to formally announce that we have established our new base of operations in the City Hall. More specifically on the second floor offices. All of our client work and meetings will not be held here (exemptions like the PD and penitentiary apply). We will update our directory this weekend with the contact details of all firm par
  2. Ducky Pacific law office Bulletin post #2 We would again like to take the time to thank residents of this flourishing city for the support they have shown our company. We have worked with numerous clients on advising them with official documents as well as spending hours down at the police department holding cells ensuring legal representation is given to those who require it. New equity partners We are very excited to announce the acquisition of new equity partners in our firm. We have a lot of very exciting things on the horizon and the arrival of these very well regarded
  3. Ducky Pacific law office Bulletin post #1 I just want to thank everybody who has contacted us in support of our law office opening. We will update this page with bulletin posts to keep track of work we carry out for our clients as well as keep the community updated on our operations. Legal and proposal documents We are pleased to announce that we now offer a service in terms of writing legal documents. This can range from correspondence between parties that you intend to look official to government proposals. We have already taken on work to write an official government pr
  4. Ducky Pacific law office Founded and owned by Kenny Ducky; a licensed solicitor. We mainly work with criminal law and will be there in your time of need when you need us the most. We will represent you if you are arrested all the way from the police station until trial. We also offer claims for compensation you may wish to make against organisations in the city if you have been wronged in any way. We take on any client that needs our help and work on a strictly no win, no fee basis. Fees will be discussed on an individual basis with the client varying in price based on the charges pr
  5. Big up JC in the sky. Unwinding after a long day of praising the lord.
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