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  1. Twitch Link: twitch.tv/FragstarGames Stream Schedule: My stream schedule is simple, I don't have one purely on the basis I have children which are so unpredictable so I do not want to set a specific date and time and then let people down when I cannot make it. Games Streamed: GTA V, and pretty much everything else. Link to a previous stream: Why do you want to join the team: I haven't been in the RPUK community long or the RP community long but this community of people are extremely supportive when you need help well once you get past the sarcasm ones but even when I
  2. Please fix selling weed to locals. Everytime you sell your either glitching into theor car then they run you over or they run you over regardless. No matter the outcome of selling your constantly getting run over. I have died multiple times because of this and its just ridiculous now.
  3. Many boats constantly spawning inside the impound car park after paying for them to get them back
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