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  1. I was with the guys who you approached and started shooting earlier that night/night before and the fight went on until morning. This was not a RDM, this was retaliation. We also have footage of an accomplice of yours just disappearing and minutes later appearing magically? and shooting. The death prior to this why did you not post that footage too? You stated in this post that you knew the "RDM" was coming so it was not random. You were initiating stuff on twitter so also was not random. Please stop trying to get us banned.
  2. The combat logging is clear but we do not harass other gangs/people, we are in-fact quite friendly with most other gangs. We did not ram a truck into you. Tanker was a complete accident honestly. I myself have never combatlogged/VDM/RDM.
  3. @Dont Look At Me I’m one of the people you’re reporting I think I can comment on it.
  4. Your friend came to help you? How did he know what was going on ? You have no radio ?
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