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  1. So you say I fail rp but you didn’t get out the car there was 2 guns pointed at your head after talking shit on tweedle about me and bosh you said on tweedle you was at pillbox we came to you asked who you was you admitted you was the guy who was talking shit Eddie pointed a gun and said get out the car you didn’t get out you then drove off about 5 mins after you then returned to the same place where we started I told you to get out the car you didn’t because I was on WHISPER you didn’t get out the car so I shot you you when I shot you unmuted your self on discord and said you been shot at pil
  2. https://clips.twitch.tv/BloodyGrossOpossumAMPEnergyCherry-9mejdVLj6ThE5s5f this was the incident from 5/10 prior to the incident i been reported for !
  3. could i also get a longer clip where it shows us holding you up at pillbox if possible ?
  4. I come into ts with you you didn't wanna let me talk about 10 mins before that somebody took your bike and you was chatting shit on twitter about him we came to pillbox where you said you was we asked you to get out the car with 2 or three guns pointed at you (thats fail rp+no value of life ) so you took off in your car then said on twitter lol you got sling I was looking for you where I last seen you you came out of impound I followed you to hospital your saying me been on whisper is a poor excuse you new I was coming for you I shouted hands up and get out the car but I was on whisper what
  5. Not saying I asked you to come in ts to sort it out but you didn’t get that you play with your chat but Somebody could of said like to you o he wants you and you would of now what it was for coz you hinted it on tweedle trying to wind me up like At the end of the day I shouldn’t of done this regardless it’s was a stupid thing to do and I get I am breaking a rule
  6. It’s a gang rule to be in colours and your running round with a combat pistol and your not shooting anybody I passed the keys to candice when I got put in car but sweet no worries what about the music being played and the kicking out of pharmacy that’s all the same also asked you to come to ts twice but you didn’t reply to me in ooc plus with you been out of colours you getting in my car and I said you’ll get smoked in this car was putting danger to your life by getting shot by your own members
  7. You are out of colours for a start shooting at us when a gang rule is to be in colours I also did it because didn’t want car stolen but I shouldn’t have locked it as that’s a rule I also asked you to come in TS 2 times and you didn’t reply and this is Bobby just on a different forums account
  8. We went over what happened in team speak about 30 mins after this incident we talked about what happened we came to the conclusion of trying to see if it can be withdrawn but I will wait to see what happens !
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