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  1. Well at this time of a ban we were roleplaying in a town messing about until it was ruined by people were gunfight hungry and its been 1 year and 3 months since my last ban. I dont believe the majority of my bans have been malicious. Ban 1 -Logging out to take a shower then coming back 10mins later and got banned for teleporting. Ban 2- Breaking nlr when i was new to the server and didnt know what i was doing. Ban 3- Restraining a cop at the start of a gunfight when cops initiated on my but knocked out the wrong person. Ban 4-Racist and that was bad and bad. Ban-5 This one which im still defe
  2. sorry and honestly never intended to have a fight And that if i get unbanned, im basically coming back to have fun with my friends and roleplay
  3. (C2.2) Exploiting - Using or attempting to use any exploits in any of our community game servers such as but not limited to duplication of items or money, transferring/processing items through walls and windows or bypassing intended animations. Punishment is a permanent ban without appeal. If you discover an exploit that nobody else knows about, please reveal it to a staff member privately in order to ensure that it does not get abused in the future. This rule is important as it prevents people from getting an advantage over others wether that be doing a run, in a gunfight, to escape, to
  4. How much are you selling the mar-10 for?
  5. That is true it didn't have to end up like it did and that's my mistake and I'm sorry for that but I disagree that the roleplaying server isn't for me. As when cops rush BM with an ifrit and a couple cop cars and act very hostile towards us it doesn't give much room for roleplay when we try to talk to them. The only reason I said " Quote1: You have a weapon that you shouldn't have, instead of getting involved in the situation you simply put your hands up and do nothing. We weren't getting involved. We were just waiting and vibing at the black market, waiting for an admin to teleport
  6. We tried our best to not get into a gunfight. The actions we took were meant to get us away from the situation and not get shot/go to jail. The officer was screaming and threatening one of our friends (Jamie), that didn't receive the hacker loadout and we didn't think that msging the cops with »//« would prevent them from abusing the fact that we were given hacked loadouts and would be unable to fight back. At that time none of us had any recording software running, so the only way for us to get out of there was to run and the cops decided to give chase. On a different server when something li
  7. depending on my unban appeal if i get unbanned i'll buy the mar-10
  8. Unban Appeal for Billy5795 In-game Name: Ben Dover Server: Altis Life Steam ID: 76561198833977959 The date you got banned: 04/09/21 Member of the team that banned you: Ram Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got banned as i used the SPMG in a gunfight Why should we unban you ?:https://streamable.com/d60qm3 This is CSI OneShots video not mine he posted in in RPUK discord. We were having a good time at blackmarket and obviously the cops were watching us then a hacker gave half of the people SPMG
  9. Are they still up for sale? i'd be interested in a mar 10
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