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  1. I feel like what’s most needed is a change of mentality. Lots of people on the server try to RP their very best but some people treat it like it’s not worth it, boring, useless or even “cringe”. People aren’t supporting the ones who are trying to RP and make things interesting, instead treating the server like a normal GTA server where you min/max everything for your own convenience. For example, people try to RP having mechanic shops where they repair and wash cars for you, but only some people support them. The others just think “I don’t need that I have my own repair kits and wash cloths why would I even bother going to them it’s a waste of time”. I understand if the devs make it compulsory for people to go to shops and get rid of repair kits, then people will go to them. Currently everyone has freedom in the server to do any RP they want, but if people don’t support it then it’ll just vanish and go back to people doing things for their own benefit, trying to be on top and the best individual/ group in the server, instead of talking to people and having fun which is the whole point of an RP server. Other examples like some people don’t go through the court system or try and attend a trial cause they think it’s boring and cringe. How can it be better if no one is supporting it ? Also RP with NHS where some people might think “Yeah yeah just revive me so I can get going” We should all support one another cause everyone is trying their best to do quality RP and make sure people have fun and enjoy themselves.
  2. So I thought I should bring this up since its been talked a lot amongst ourselves but not really brought up, properly discussed and changes/ improvements being made. As we all know, turf gangs are required to provide the best quality rp in the server, hence why they receive turfs, custom clothing/ weapons etc. However, we all are aware that the turf gang quality has been very low compared to whats expected, and lots of player reports/ bans have been put in place. I am very sure im not the only one who thinks this. We can see it from recent events, all ranging from mere kidnappings (which are poor, considering people just grab someone, kill and dump) to all out wars which the reasons behind it is childish (Tweedle beef = war, chat shit = war). I believe turf gangs are now friend groups with matching outfits, trying to protect their ego which if people disrespect them even a tiny bit, will result in death. In reality, turf gangs should provide high quality rp for the whole server, making great storylines that provide interesting outcomes, like writing a book and directing a movie as whatever people do, there are always people watching. Easiest example is when gangs fight on tweedle, the whole server reads it and watches the fight. Im sure everyone spectating have the same thought. "Is this the high quality rp of turf gangs?". If the current RP quality of turf gangs is considered the highest, then the bar is set too low. Turf gangs are the rolemodel for other gangs that have no turf, since RPUK is a gang based server, its all about gangs. This poor RP cycle will never stop because as new people join the server, they watch these gangs do what they do, and follow their footsteps. New recruits to gangs follow whatever the members/seniors/leaders do. The turf gang lore has yet to be updated and personally I think it needs to be revised. Turf gangs should have an interesting history, which then makes interesting present and future events to happen. I dont think the current gangs are really embodying their lore and showing their identity. The only thing that separates the gangs are the colors and thats it. They should have different cultures, traditions, or whatever makes them unique but currently its just whoever has the most money, best cars, most guns, most members etc. I think every turf gang needs a pause to stop and discuss their future. Are you giving the highest quality RP on the server ? Are you making sure everyone is enjoying what you do, making interesting RP scenarios, instead of just making sure you win every single situation? Are you striving to create interesting stories/ events that would be remembered instead of treating an RP server like an RPG, collecting every single thing you can and maxing everything to be "On Top" ? (No problem with grinding but I think turf gangs should put making interesting RP scenarios their highest priority, and putting money etc second). Maybe what the server needs is a month or two of "turf gang revision", where turf gangs review their lore, review their members on how everyone should act, their organizational structure like who is leading and what not. A period where turf gangs can prove that they deserve the turf because they are able to provide the high quality of RP that is expected. I'm just here voicing out my concerns because I love the RPUK community and I want everyone to be able to enjoy this server as much as I do. We all want to have fun here and I think if the factions/ turf gangs that are expected to give the highest RP quality can do so, then im sure everyone will benefit from it and RPUK will continue to be the best RP server in the UK and Europe. The question is though, how are you gonna spend your time ?
  3. Can we also have jobs that involve more player interaction ? For example trucking and food delivery is a very lonely job and you can just ignore everyone else on the server to make money. No one really calls for a taxi since almost everyone owns a car and you can just steal a local's car. Park ranger is also a lonely job, you dont interact with people at all. I would suggest something like waiter/cook at a restaurant but restaurant owners cook their own food and dont hire anyone. The mechanic shops like Tire Nutz and Auto Exotic is something that i'd like to see more on the server, where players have to RP with other players to do work. Right now business owners basically control the economy because once you own a business, no one else can have it but everyone had to come to you to get the things they want (Food, cars etc). It just feels a bit unfair because you can basically do business alone and not hire anyone, getting all the profit for yourself. But it doesnt really make sense RP wise for example a restaurant owner to do everything alone and own a big business. Maybe set it so the owner manages the restaurant, but he has to hire people to cook and is not allowed to cook himself. Because if he can cook himself, there is absolutely no need for him to hire anyone. (I'm using restaurants as an example because in my opinion these are one of the jobs that currently have the least amount of RP interaction). I just feel like we need to get rid of things that you can do alone and introduce more things that are dependent on other people, like how the injured need NHS for medical attention, prisoners need Solicitors for trial, people with car problems need mechanics for repairs. That way RP is always involved because you have to talk to someone if you want something. Thta is my personal opinion
  4. Friendly reminder to all you lovely Roleplayers out there. Your character is not you and you are not your character. If something bad happens to your character, he or she is the one who will feel negative emotions, not you. If you feel like the roleplay is affecting you IRL, maybe take a break ❤️

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  5. My daily routine 🙂


  6. Every update ever


  7. If I remember correctly, if someone else successfully requested it (meaning you won’t get the drop off point) , the message is almost instant (in one minute). A successful request from you should take at least 5 minutes.
  8. His cowboy accent is actually quite good. There aren't that many cowboys in the city and he does it well xD
  9. Noah always makes prison life interesting. Seeing him interact with the prisoners is a fun experience. His RP is top tier !
  10. What are people's thoughts on Police joining in on random public events during patrols eg. seeing a small party, joins in an dances with all the participants etc. It usually involves police and gang members, in reality police should be wary of them instead of having fun together with well known crime groups. The line between serious rp and "its just a game lets have fun" is a bit blurry there. Personally I dont mind really but it really looks unprofessional to see officers dancing around with dangerous criminals and posting them on tweedle and stuff like that. If people think "We are on the server to have fun. Just leave it" then its fine I guess. But if people think "We are a serious RP server, we should always try to provide high quality RP" then I believe the trend has to stop. If people playing police wanna have fun and join civilian events, they should switch to their civ characters instead.
  11. Mr White's small Lowrider Car Meet. Valentina is having fun. Poor Samantha still in prison hahaha


  12. Can we have more blackouts during thunderstorms. I loved it when it happened. Its like having dark mode on your phone lmaoo xD


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