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  1. LMAO I found a new favorite song. I promise imma replay this at least 100 times xD.


    Yes I made it my profile song 🤣

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    2. Nikolai


      jake hill is pretty good, most times.

      this is not most times

    3. KennethZoid
    4. Ravenzzz


      @NikolaiWdym this is art xD

      Also @KennethZoid


  2. Life in prison for me. Even though it’s the worst feeling, but it’s a different experience. Prison RP is like being in your own little world, no cars, no money, free smoothies and loads of other stuff that can only happen when you have limited stuff and you need to use your creativity and imagination.
  3. Sheesh never expected MGK and Glaive to collab guess I have a new song on repeat xD


  4. I dont know if this is a one time thing or not but I tried to do shared emotes with someone, he accepted it and we didnt do anything. The animation seems like its gonna start, so our characters got shifted (eg. if we are too close together, we shift to the correct distance to start the emote) but then we dont do anything. We tried different shared emotes and all of them failed. The error that came up in the F8 was this :
  5. You can definitely play music in Galaxy, and all the other clubs xD
  6. Realized this as well its so weird xD
  7. What your phone gallery would look like if you're RPing as a committed girlfriend. Or maybe you're just a stalker xDScreenshot_112.png

  8. We should bring this back ngl 👀


    1. KennethZoid


      This one is better

    2. Kiean Weller

      Kiean Weller

      miss the old intros sm cant lie, either balling or Dr D.R.E id happily have back

    3. Nuclear


      Only the real OG's remember this


  9. Just a reminder if you havent heard this banger, why are you even here ?


  10. Ngl I kinda like drunk and high Samantha. Might make her drunk more often 😛

  11. Day 4 of having covid - realizes that if I die then my character dies. Need to start valueing my real life 😅


    Hope you guys dont get it btw. Its agony trust me ...

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    2. Ravenzzz


      @Custard Creamhope you do as well. I heard lots of people are getting it atm it’s kinda weird

    3. Kiean Weller

      Kiean Weller

      ive had covid 2 times now and both times i was for 2 days max lol, but if you nvl irl ill have to report 

    4. Ravenzzz


      @Kiean WellerNah imma Combat Log 


  12. Samantha clones for April Fools xD with @cerysjade27and @Emm Skii




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    2. Nuclear


      Well she cant blame you for cheating as it is tehnically her... @DevilWalk

    3. Ravenzzz


      That’s not how it works xD 

    4. Nuclear


      It is now.

  13. 1 Year in RPUK ❤️

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