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  1. The Horror WTF have I seen today. I am not sure if some people have called upon the devil or some crack heads on spice but there has been a blood bath all over the city. Some how all the evil characters from current to old horror movies have come to life and have been cutting down so many people across Los Santos. These demons have been running all over the city and stabbing and kidnapping people which has caused pure chaos. I have witnessed these demons in action and what people can see on tweadle they cant be stopped by bullets. Father A even bought out the big guns his holy Rifle to cut these demons down as he is the only one i think that has a chance to defend the city.
  2. Its been such a fun afternoon interacting with the boosting rp that has started up Thanks to T & H Mining. If anyone wants a laugh and some good cash thrown their way i would say look for their tweet and bring down a car or two. I think this needs to be added into the city ecosystem someway as its a great job for the criminals to do if they dont want to join a gang, sell drugs or even rob fishermen. Plus the cops can have some rp fun also tracking the stolen cars down.
  3. Relay Rally Another Fun night in the city. Sam Gooba Hosted a relay rally over in sandy shores a few nights ago. The whole event was mad and it left like eveyone had a part to play in its overall success. That was from people not getting in the way of the tracks to NHS helicopter team flying about to make sure people did not die. There were even the park rangers on duty to give assistants to cars in need that broke down that the Auto Exotic team could not get to. Everyone had a great time and its nice seeing so many people at the event having fun. The winners were the Lost but was close as i think Father A would of won if a crazy local did not drive into him. The next night we had the Shit Box Derby host by Niamh from the Azteas which was a full on laugh but had issues with the camera so missed out on getting pictures.
  4. The War of the Trout I was called up to Paleto Bay as this is where the current fishermen feel safe from raids and hate groups like PETA. All the people want to do is earn a few hundred pounds to feed their family's and afford the outrageous fuel prices. One of the main raiding groups are undercover cops they are taking sharks and turtles off fishermen which is legal as they are endangered animals but now they are also taking all the fish they have caught. The fishermen have seen these cops run to the bait shop to sell what they have taken. This is corruption at the highest level and needs to be looked into. The new enemy of fishermen now are cross dressers. Bald men are stealing women's clothes and racing to the fishing spot to rob people of their fish. The main way they are robbing people is by shooting riles from the hills to scare off the fishermen and once they have gone the cross dressers run down and lockpick the trucks and sell what's in them. So one of the vehicles they use is a Bifta sand buggy, so if you see it or a so called woman with a male voice while fishing keep safe as they could be there to rob you. There are also normal gangs going up and robbing people, so what has been warned to a lot of fishermen is to go in groups to be safe. some of the pictures are from the the event i was called to which i missed. A load of trucks where in a line blocking fishermen from leaving and they were getting robbed by gangs and the police.
  5. The decision has been made between members of AutoExotic and Tyre Nutz so that we will focus solely on the AutoExotic business and location, to focus roleplay at one point to increase engagement. As such Tyre Nutz is no longer a business we will have control over or operate at. This is because GTA naturally has better branding, a better location for AutoExotic and assists with staff and events occurring in one place. It is also a larger location to cater for customers to attend and other roleplay scenarios to occur. Should other players wish to take over Tyre Nutz as a competitor then within roleplay we would welcome this to ensure players have a choice of where they attend for work on their vehicles.
  6. Beach Party Massacre BREAKING NEWS: A huge gathering of officers were sent down to the coast today after a cop and 3 other victims were brutally stabbed after some altercations! At approximately (9:30) pm on Saturday night! We managed to speak to one of the victims to get an inside of what happened in this fatal event, they had this to say: “The event was going great until flocks of back street and main time gangs appeared from no where looking for trouble and unfortunately I was on the other end of this accident”. “Horrific” said the event manager Miguel, who was in complete shock about this accident and couldn’t be more apologetic, but was it his fault? The good news is the culprits who were behind this Beach attack were jailed and sentenced to a hefty fine and will serve a long prison sentence after being found guilty, they were disposed by officers at the scene and won’t be seeing the light of day for a very very long time! -This is BILLY JENKINS saying good night from Vespucci Beach (Los Santos)
  7. Guys can you move this to the 19th the weazel news beach party is happening on that day
  8. For the event we will be having a underwater scavenger hunt, Can be done in teams or solo. There will be Ten hidden boxes in the water and each person from a team or solo must bring back 1 item and then the other team member can go and get another item. Once one item from all ten boxes have been retrieved i will give that team/solo the location of the riddle master. Once you solved that riddle and found the last hidden item come back to me and you win or come 2nd or 3rd. .
  9. How Far Down The Rabbit Hole My LIFE is at risk reporting the strange events happening in Los Santos. We have all noticed the change in our cars over night and the insane increase in price for modding our vehicles. Then out of nowhere, the council run mechanic shops and ammunition shops have been closed with no warning. Is this a sign a underground group is controlling how we live our lives or due to laws, these shops have broken them and are finally being held accountable for it. I have been driving around in a undercover car to talk to locals about what they think about what has happened. Many people are saying the same thing, "WTF, my car has been fucked", but this is not everyone. Some of the people in the racing scene have said i love it as now more of the cars are on a level playing field but everyone said "WTF how did the council mechanics do this over night". The biggest issue at the moment is the closure of the Council run Mechanic shops and ammunition shops as many business are struggling. So many people are buying cars and would like the change the colour and even upgrade the car for better control but just cant. The new Mechanic shops that have open which are not run by the council are struggling as the influx of customers for repairs but people begging them to upgrade their cars which they have to turn down. With the ammunition being also closed many shop owners are struggling to by equipment like pool ques, hammers, Wrenches and even knifes. They have spoke out as if shop needs these tool but cant, how can they earn money to feed their family's. The private hired security teams have been hit the most due to their work they need knife and bullet proof armour. A few firms have had to file for bankruptcy due to these issues. Some of the quotes i have got from local business and groups are. Special T - I have seen people in Black cars and suits driving about, must be MI5 or something. This is not normal and we have to keep a eye out. Jason - Due to an error at parliament, an omission saw legislation pushed in that meant any commercial building with more than 100 cable ties committed an offence. As such, with bennies using cable ties for everything had an abundance of stock and the staff arrested under these new powers. - I will have to look into this but i think he is fucking with me. Joe King - Fuck knows but you do want to buy a R34. What ever the council mechanics team have done i love the handling of my car now. Miguel - I dont give a shit about Benny's fuck them come to Auto Exotic, Auto Care and Tire Nutz for the best repairs. - rather harsh response. Nadine - I am not too bothered as we offer the repairs and car care the city needs but would love to Tune customers cars. Ballas - WTF is this over priced bullshit. I want to customise our cars. Triads - Its so odd that they closed with no warning there must be something sneaky happening. Apostles - All you need is faith and god, dont worry about these superficial things. Vargos - No comment other than can we have some storage Random Racist dude - Their immigrant workers must of been sent back so they had to close. A Karen - I heard that they had African child soldiers working in the shops ready to take over the city and the SAS had to take out the shops. Tin Foil Hat Hobo - its the lizard people, they are all around us. You need to look at who is benefitting from this situation. This is where my search went to next i looked at the none council run Mechanic shops. Many people are raving about these shops for their low prices and great repairs. The shops are Auto Exotic, Auto Repair, Tire Nutz. These shops are making a killing before the other shops closed but now they are taking over all repairs in the city. Did they do something to the workers in the other shops or is it just a coincidence. The owners Nadine of Auto Exotic, Ghost of Auto Care and Miguel owner of Tire Nutz have all been or worked for dangerous gangs. If you look up their criminal record it does show they can do dangerous things. Did they use their old connections to take out the competition?. ( The Tin Hat Hobo did say that Miguel is a shape shifter, changing his appearance from white to brown). They were also pictured at the Midnight crew and Tsuchiya Legacy racing event yesterday. There has been chatter about a group called Legion running the city from the underground and controlling what we do and how we live our lives. There are rumors that they are blackmailing the council for something sinister which at the moment we are not sure but with the help from Texan Weazel news, we might have solved it. They were about to stumble across one of their hideouts. They even have a fortune teller at hand so we know you cant trust them. I even found a working bomb which i believe will be used to take out the closed shops or any shop or building in the city. This is Miguel signing out keep your eyes open and be safe.
  10. I understand everyone's frustration with the lack of legal jobs. I am one of those people and my Character Miguel has done everything he can in the city to find a stable fun rp job. many of the good jobs like trucking and fishing were ruined by shit people that just exploited when they can or caused mayhem for others. There needs a overhaul with all the jobs really and a new look at what new jobs can be brought into the city, Trucking should be changed so every storm they can deliver once to each of the fuel station for 10k and maybe 5k for standard runs. For taxis they are ok just need to make sure local cars are harder to get into so when we spawn at random places we can call up taxis and maybe give more cash out for the npc jobs. food delivery i would not change same as park ranger and impound work. With impound give the option for the public to ask for impounds for local cars as they are broken down to help clean up the roads. To get use out of the pilot licence there should be crop farming jobs over grape seed or pick up cargo from sandy shores or that island at the bottom right of the map. For the criminal side gun or drug runs. these jobs should be alert base so you sign in and wait for a job to pop up and you go and do it. For the criminal side, have it that only at night these jobs pop up and police are alerted to a run but they dont know where the pick is from or drop off and they cant hang around the airports waiting they need to be in a helicopter to spot them. Prospecting jobs where you get a random area to look for gold chains, phones, rare ores and other stuff. these items can be sold at pawn shops and the jewellery store. Once you reach lvl 3 you can by diving equipment as you get areas in the water to check out to find stuff. With the jewellery shop opening again criminals can have a change to rob it, lets say once a hour. What Nadine and myself have done off our own backs is start up mechanic shop jobs and we have hired workers and what we might get a day after paying for supplies is 5k to 15k profit and that is all depending on if we are working solo and who tips and if anyone turns up. There are days where i just make even due to the supplies but my team are making ok money but with these jobs its all about the rp and they are becoming the new hubs for people to have fun and relax. With the way we are running our shops our mechanics are always around and they look forward to jumping on. I have had days with just rping with lots of people and not even one car getting fixed. What i am hoping for with the mechanic shops is to be able to 1. Buy materials from the miners to make parts for cars so when you break your car it will says you need this and that and we can make them and then repair. 2 Customise cars so benny's can go but keep it there for simple repairs. 3. Make custom licence plates and fake plates for the criminal/ racing scene. 4. have tow trucks bring players to use for repairs. 5. have only jump cables to get broken cars up and running until they come to us for a full repair. this should stop the unrealistic driving part of the server where you just break down and have a fully repaired car even with cop chases. To people that have a idea for a job it might be best to go out and do it as i bet a lot of people are thinking of the same thing and when they see that idea happen you will get customers and money if thats what you want but if its rp people will flock to it. if you are thinking you need millions to get this started you are wrong i only had 100k when i started my shop and i in my account i have about 200k and thats over a month of doing this.
  11. PDM Car Auctions Just like the Grove Street second hand car sales which brings the opportunity to buy cars in full for cheap. There is also Premium Deluxe Motorsport which offers car auctions for people. These cars are sold at a high value and more of a collectors event. These Auctions have been going on for about a week and every time the place is packed and some of the rarest cars in the city are for sale. The best thing about these auctions is that people wont need to spend millions on these cars. They just need to buy one of the ten tickets at a respectable price and they have a chance of getting their dream cars.
  12. What a Day Where do i begin. its been a manic day for the news from Grove Street second hand car sales to spice heads then male thong riots and then defecating on cars. I will start with the best story of the day which is the opening of the Grove Streets new second hand car sales, see story above, which did have a small incident. A officer rammed a thief that was trying to steal a police bike but hit one of the salesmen which left him needing a wheel chair. The poor man has kids to feed but now is stuck inside healing. I am not one for fashion but Jesus Christ I never knew that male thongs were so highly sort after. There is a discounted clothing store next to the ballas carwash which were selling fake high end band male thongs. I know its summer now but it seems that they are the next big thing. What i saw when i passed by was the NHS and police on scene as a few people had been knifed and beaten. The police has nothing to say but passers by said it was like a war zone in that shop i am surprised that someone did not die. Finally a sicko is behind bars. I was driving past and I saw that the police had pulled over a man that had bags of hair in his car. From the police I heard that this man had been knocking out women on dates and shaving them for his sexual pleasure. This guy has been doing it for months now and finally woman are somewhat safe in this city thanks to the police. They would not give this guys name out. The worst story of the day and one where people need to be safe is that there is a shortage of Methamphetamine. Meth addicts are not able to get their dose from the hospitals and this will be cause a rise in crimes from petty theft and house robberies. What i saw coming out of the hospital was disgusting. it looks like zombies walking around craving their next fix. The worst part is that i saw four people trying to rob a man in a car to get money to buy their next fix. It go so bad, one of them defecated on top of the persons car.
  13. Grovestreetmotor.co I had the pleasure of hanging about and watching magic happen. The guys down at Grove Street have set up a second hand car shop which is offering cheap cars which have come from imports to locals. Like myself i have been ripped off by people getting imports and then selling at triple the price which has caused me to do horrible things to get that cash. Grove are changing that, they said they want people to come down have fun and get a car at a respectable price. I saw a Ford RS fully upgraded sell for £200k that is cheap. People have been turning up to sell and buy all day and everyone is laughing and having a fun time. If you need a car sold and want some fun come down to Grove Street and meet the guys at Grovestreetmotot.co.
  14. Hi peeps, i would like to thank you all for using Tire nutz and Auto Exotic for your vehicle repairs. its been amazing so far and nice seeing some crazy RP again. These shots are from Tire Nutz. Possible logo design for our work vehicles.
  15. New Life to the City With the latest wars that have been happening in the city which has caused so many deaths to poor innocent people. There is a bright light that is bringing hope to people knowing that their cars are finally getting looked after the way they should. Two new businesses have opened up Auto Exotic Run by Nadine, Auto Repair owned by Ghost Woods and. Tire Nuts which is run by yours truly Miguel. These shops are offering the best repairs at low costs of £300, car wash £200 and fuel which is 1/4 tank £300. Come by and give your cars the love they deserve. Some prices may very.
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