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  1. The Race for Leadership Many people are not happy with what is happening to the city or even the state of its current leadership. One man is ready and will to take action to make this city a better place for all. His Name is Vicent Fisher and will be ready for your votes when the election starts.
  2. Ballas VS Police It has been one hell of a week trying to keep safe with the war that has been happening with the Ballas and the Police. I don't know why this all started but I know it really kick off when they put out a warrant on Liam Smith AKA Mr Caramel, Mr Just Built Differently, Lame Brian like he is know on the streets. He finally got caught and out of now where people rallied around this and stormed the prison to get him out and i think the leader of the Ballas Darnel I think his name is. The Police did not car even if it was a mother and kids coming to see papa for a prison visit
  3. Destruction Derby Another fun event hosted by Joe King and Weazel news. Over all its was a fun event and a the people there were having fun until the rumble started. This was mainly down to the fake car import information given out. The people that turned up all seemed to be in high spirits and even Teddy got the burger car out for the event, shame its was not strong enough. Also a Big shout out to Burger shot and the promo was recorded. What was meant to happen was that 20 people here meant to join the rumble to fight The lost's sasquatch as a bonus they were meant to destro
  4. Hi everyone. Joe king and weazel news are joining up to host a Demolition Derby. The Vehicles that cant enter are g6, riot trucks, XLS and any 500 storage vehicle. There will be 1v1 matches with betting which The Lost will be looking after. We will have drinks, food and repair kits available to buy there. This will be a no conflict Zone so play nice until the event is over then shoot who ever then. For the main even, Royal Rumble, it will be 10k to enter with a 100k prize for the winner. If we get a load of people entering we will increase the winnings and add some more prizes
  5. Gang Wedding What a day, the Ballas can pull off some great events. This even was Jambo and Cordella's Wedding. it was a fun and beautiful event which was held at the lighthouse east of Sandyshores. It was a rather big turn out and the head over the lost oversaw the ceremony and we all had fun laughing at Jambo as he did freeze. After the kiss that locked them together we all jumped into the ocean for fun. When we all got back to land it was time to party at the location we had our weazel news event. This got out of control quick with a brawl, free falling from the w
  6. Fine Art Today the city was gifted with some class. A new fine art gallery has opened up which is run by the group called the Firm. The people i met were very friendly and i was shown a showcase event room which is locked to the public at the moment. One of the best things they are doing for the city and its people by ordering in art that the public can buy for a fair price. The only issue was that there was a technical issue were you could not buy just now. If the upper class of the city are reading this i would recommend this venue as a place for your events. Also for anyone t
  7. When there is an event i will be streaming and only stream GTA at the moment. There should be more to come with events and other things i get up to in the city as a Weazel news reporter.
  8. CAGE FIGHT Another exciting event unfolded within the city last night. The lost were holding cage fighting event. I missed nearly all the fights but another Weazel news member was there to capture that part i hope. I was trying to solve the mystery of why everyone had vanished from the streets. which i did solve, nearly the whole city was at this fight. What i was left to record on the Live Cam was the Royal Rumble of fights. It was 1k stake to get into this fight and the winner was gifted 500k. The Ballas came on top like normal that Yacob is a beast so is the other guy which i ca
  9. Its Party Time The Lovely Samantha with help of the King Brothers hosted the start of the cities beach parties. Everyone was invited and the only rule was you had to wear beach wear. I was given a lift by the Ballas to this party which by the time i got there was kicking off. The hosts had some amazing tunes and speaker set up while offering their trade mark burgers from their van. There was a Raffle but it had to be held later due to some maniac running guests over and Wayne King protecting his guest with a rifle, which got him arrested. everyone was looking great and happy to s
  10. Race Day I had the pleasure of getting to record and interview Mr Wayne King AKA the Terminator. He and his brothers hosted a car meet, race, with the top three getting a cash prize. I was able to live stream the whole event with the use of Weazel News Camera. It was a fun event and no issues apart from a helicopter exploding and myself getting hit by that explosion. I wonder when my skin on my back will grow back. The police were sniffing around but nothing to worry about. Overall this car meet was a huge success and it looks like there will be another meet 9pm on Saturday for all
  11. Another Turf WAR!!!!! I Miguel Luis was lucky to run into some Aztec's heading for the Triad Turf. I over heard they were at war with the Triads so I followed rather close to get some good shots for Tweedle but when I heard gun shots I took off up the multi story car park to get to the roof. once I was up there more shots could be heard raining down onto the Triads you can see my pictures on Tweedle. It was a blood bath my tag along Tommy TwoToes was getting chased on top of the car park by people so i had to get in my car and get out of there. When i was safe i took some more pictures of
  12. Is Drink driving so bad? I wonder why my taxes are so high. I Miguel Luis followed three speeding police cars to the Lost club house. There were crowds of people outside thinking its was going to be a shoot out or a raid of the property. Nope just a standard driving while under the influence charge. The lost member is a rather skilled driver that no one was hurt a long the way and having three Police cars full of officers to do this stop is excessive force.
  13. Happy day or big Scam. I Miguel was invited to give away Ethel from the Ballas gang to Yacob of the Ballas gang. Due to gun shots and a stampede of people my camera was dropped and stamped on but my partner in crime Abdul was here to record what he could as he is one of those vloggers. The wedding was short and to the point which everyone was over joyed to see. Father did his job to perfection 10/10 and his team helped keep the unwanted from crashing the wedding. It was a fun and exciting time for all and the after party was something else. Speeches were good and the dancing was a joyful
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