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  1. @NormanHow about that interview? 🙂

    1. Gray


      Yeah @Normangive this man an interview!

    2. One Yeti

      One Yeti

      Just keen to get started! and there are never any solicitors on when I need them! 

    3. Johnathon Reeds
  2. @Normanwon't loose my application, I hope as much anyway!
  3. Hi all! So one of my characters has submitted an application to become a solicitor. I was very hopeful it would be a quick turn around, as I am keen to get started! Has anyone been through the process before? How long does it take? What is the in game interview like? Any and all info would be welcome! THANKS!
  4. Application in to become a solicitor! 

    I hope to be protecting upstanding citizens very soon! 

    usa network GIF by Suits

  5. What does that mean sorry?
  6. to all those still in the RP world rather than return to the normal world!... I salute you! Austin Powers Movie GIF

  7. Waiting in the queue be like... Bored Season 5 GIF by The Office   

    1. Kseniya


      me in queue be like


  8. When can we have taxis and limos back on sale at the rank? 🙂 stop way GIF

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    2. One Yeti

      One Yeti

      Like any good cop,  got any evidence? 


    3. Herp123


      Wait until people learn to drive first

    4. One Yeti

      One Yeti

      problem solved, lets just ban cars.... 

  9. People should share the photos here, the meet was epic!
  10. Also, the player driven economy around bags is hiking the distribution price and thinning the margin to the locals. Thus, making being run over EVEN LESS FUN!
  11. Diego is one of the soundest people, and a quality player! A massive thank you for a great two hours of RP and time on my Bike today. Including bombing around the city in your tesla... Sorting out my new trike with me... Coming for a spin in the helicopter, even with my sh*t parking! Great dude! Take a bow Diego!
  12. Anyone know how I can add the NHS badge to my forum profile? Thanks!

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    2. TheCap


      Do you have the discord tags? If yes, ask a faction leader for the tags on profile

    3. One Yeti
    4. One Yeti

      One Yeti

      All sorted lads! Thank you!


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