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  1. Turn textures as high as your GPU's memory will allow. To get smooth performance, reduce AA (use MSAA X2), shadow resolution & quality. Limit Tesselation. Things like Distance scaling will place more demand on your CPU but you can experiment with his. Also, if you can use an external control panel to force Triple Buffering and do everything outside of FiveM to ensure your power use is optimal (you want maximum power preferences). Try V Sync on/off, G-SYnc, 144 Hz vs 60 Hz. And then 144Hz VSYnc vs 60hz Vsync, etc. It takes a LOT of experimentation. This game isn't well optimised, and I found running lowest settings actually decreased my performance and having a 144hz monitor while the game was running V Sync at 6hz cause my to stutter no matter what I did. It takes work and effort.. But I can share my settings, although I no longer play RPUK.
  2. I also agree, it's super excessive for such little payout. But if the sysytem is refined perhaps shops will be getting robbed all at once, stretching police resources. If the shops are more fun to do, and pay more, a huge gang can split up and hit it all at once with a code word on Twatter.
  3. I think you can lie, why wouldn't you? That would be the plan, but if you're getting some kind of share from the job or working with the robbers this is in breach of the rules and you could face a ban.This rule needs some working I think, just the wording, perhaps clarification. The NVL rule removes the 'willful' part but if you're not considerate to the hostage it ends bad for you. If you take a hostage; make sure they have no other place to be (they're not gonna OOC that they gotta go to work in 15 mins), perhaps offer to let them hide any illegal goods in a car, explain to them what is going to happen. Most of us know this.. And most when this happens, a stockholm syndrome kind of deal starts to take place. In a city of criminals, we all hate the police. I think, with being such a tight community, everyone being loosley connected, it's easy for police to get paranoid. But I've seen cops saying things like 'fake hostage' and it breaks RP. Our world is supposed to be HUGE, but it isn't, hence why we add locals for immersions sake. I've been playing on NoPixel while I wait for some RPUK changes. The word 'friend' is too loosley defined. I was taken hostage, and during the ordeal I managed to crack an agreement to buy their dirty money and some other things. These guys rob banks everyday, and when they see me it 'you know the deal. You getting in or what?' and we RP in a way that is a little.. goofy, but at least nobody is gonna OOC mald, F8 quit etc. I've seen these guys let hostages go, and it's a huge risk. I think one solution.. Situations requiring hostages should be very rare. Perhaps change the words willing and friend. Cause if this 'friend' thing is the case, folks like @FatherAugustuswill miss out on some fun RP. He'll only ever be taken hostage by shitlords. He isn't Jimmys friend but we are friends because we have so many mutual friends, we loosley know each other. It isn't an issue to drive down to trucking and grab someone but if there's a constant need for hostages then you'll see bully behaviour, awkward RP scenarios as most truckers have aavoidant or hostile personalities (I'm very much generalizing)
  4. The whole system needs changed. It's very basic, and I rumour has it Archie has been working hard on huge changes to robberies.
  5. Animation canceling is so exploited it needs a crackdown or a rework in my eyes.
  6. This is when you type something in OOC, and if they're being cunts and holding you out of spite.. I honestly dunno, just tab out and let them get bored. I do think we need a rule of some kind regarding ForcedRP. Not so much of a rule, but if a player wants to reject an RP situation for appropriate reasons there should be a way of doing so without breaking RP. Like, what do you do if you're about to log off and go about your life when suddenly you're taken hostage? OOC is, and hope they're nice. What do you do if the RP runs too deep and suddenly, because you've played along, your character is in a terrible situation that you now regret? On another RP server I've played, police arrested a garbage worker to investigate the death of a local. It was fun RP, but when it came to sending him to jail and giving him a record (as he had admitted to being involved in a crime that didn't actually happen) he was unhappy and wrote in OOC and within 60 seconds the decision to give him a reduced sentance and no record was an obvious one. TLDR @BobinzOOC thing when you're uncomfortable.
  7. In my opinion the storage code needs rebuilt. Even things like all SUV's being 150 storage, all vans being 250 etc doesn't feel right. And not being able to store weightless items, but being able to carry 10,00 steel (if this is still the same?) is fine. I think we need to use decimals, or add a 0 onto everything. So plastic bags etc all now weigh 1, everything that was 1 is now 10. So a car now stores 1000 instead of 100. It also allows us to make items that currently weigh 1 weight less by making them weight 2-9 instead of 10. Just an idea, but I agree, this looks like a develpoment thing that was overlocked and never addressed.
  8. Can confirm, I once had a switchblade that I couldn't drop. It almost got me killed as I was beign robbed lol. Luckily these people actually RP and understand scuff.
  9. I haven't played in weeks, but yea, this was my issue. I think attempts were made to resolve the issue, and it has improved, but there are still times it happens.
  10. @JasonO It happens to me when I store items that weigh more than 1 inside a vehicle. You'll only notice the weight change after server restart. Fill a van with 250 plastic sheets, wait until the server restarts and then it'll be 500/250 because plastic sheets actually weigh 2 each. You can do this with a normal car storing some repair kits as well.
  11. This bug has been floating aroudn for a while, I think the entire storage system needs tweaking. How houses, cars and benches hold items that weight 0 or more than 1 is flawed. If you put 250 plastic sheets into a van and park that van (or collect from impound) after some time (usually a storm) it will weight 500 as plastic sheets weight 2 each. If you did this with repairkits, that weight 3 each, you'll still only be 500/250. Storing weightless items in a home is also a little scuffy, I could never figure it out. I don't play much on RPUK anymore, but when I do come back I'll report more bugs directly to you Jason.
  12. Well, I wasn't sure what caused the issue.. To me it seemed random. I don't think it's related to bandages. The only quadbike that's widley accessible on RPUK is the 'Nagasaki Blazer'. Basically, as soon as you sit on the bike, you just go flying into the air. Once it happened after I crashed, I got back on and got sent into orbit. Maybe it has something to do with the seatbelt? Another time, I oome back from the mine. Left my Blazer with the engine on outside my house, and when I got back on it happened.
  13. Can we also give it the 150 storage it deserves? The car is huge. It's a 'Sport utility vehicle'. Utility. EDIT: A quick google search for relative storage (seats down) Volkswagen Golf hatchback: 1,231 litres RS4 Avant: 1,510 litre Jaguar F Pace: 1,740 litres JEEP Trakhawk: 1,930 litres This doesn't include the ability to tow, add a roof rack or bare more weight. F-Pace is more like the Trakhawk than
  14. After the lockpick is complete, there should be a period of animation where you see a bar that fills up as you 'initiate'/finish the job. In this video, that animation/bar is missing.
  15. I think this occurs when there are no police on the server? I've had the same issue, did the lockpick minigame and it didn't 'initiate' and I had to relog if I wanted to attempt to rob the register again, but the same thing happens. I think it's because there are no police, or not enough police?
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