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  1. My goal on the server is to enjoy it the best i can but not ruin others experience whilst doing so rather make it greater by adding more roleplay. Also if i am unhappy about being arrested i will just sit and take it. If i think it is truly unfair maybe i will ask them if they would like to confer the issue in teamspeak via the ooc chat. If they don't want to then it's whatever and i will just take it and serve my time.
  2. I broke the rule of Combat logging. Which is where you log off during a firefight, getting arrested or chased by the cops. People do this to save gear or stop jail time it's completely game breaking and unfair. This rule benefits the server because it's unfair people just being able to avoid jail time and losing gear it's unrealistic and it makes it so their is no consequences for actions. also the other rule i broke was RDM. Which was the first time i got banned. This rule benefits the server because it makes it more realistic and enjoyable for the players as it means people don't just keep dying or being injured for no reason.
  3. yeah i did read them but im just unsure on what im meant to do because a mistake has been made because the person that denied my other appeal denied it because it's only a 1 day ban apparently but when i try to join the server it says permanent, : EDIT - sorry i have made a mistake it was a different one that was one day i am so sorry
  4. Unban Appeal for Chicho In-game Name: Chicho Sanders Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198880638848 Ban ID: I'm not sure the server is offline am Reason given for your ban: C2.3 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I was banned for combat logging after a fight had gone down and i was dead on the floor so i turned my computer off and i understand that is not allowed Why should we unban you ?: I think i should be unbanned because to the depth of my heart i am truly sorry. I understand that what i did was wrong and makes the game terrible for other players. Sadly i have ruined their experience by letting my anger of the better and i will ensure this would never happen ever again because i have begun to control my anger in much smarter and efficient ways than rage quitting games. I have started to walk around my room 10 times in a circle and come back when i'm calm so i shall never rage at the game again and anyone experience from every single player. I would love to join this server because i tried to play other ones but this is the best server in the world and nothing comes close to the community on this server! i would be delighted to be given 1 more chance on this server. Thanks for reading my application Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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