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  1. Tsuchiya legacy Race Nights 11th September Thank you to everyone for coming to the vent and hope you all enjoyed it More to come soon - Mr Eclipse
  2. OFFICIAL SPOT FOR ALL EVENTS BY TSUCHIYA LEGACYS Tsuchiya Legacy Race Nights These events are hosted by Mr Eclipse and is helped by the Triad Family with sponsors for the events please enjoy these photos below and make sure you show up to our next event Tsuchiya Legacy Race Nights 19/07/2021 Hosted by the Triad Family Sponsored by Richards Majestic Productions Want to say thank you for everyone to coming out and getting your self evolved within the entire event, Also big thank you to Richards Majestic Production for helping out and giving us a new area and scene for the photoshoot Tsuchiya Legacy Race League First Event 07/08/2021 Hosted by Triad Family Thank you for everyone to coming out to the event I know that there was not a massive number for this event but hopefully in the future we will have more events for you guys to join in and more racing in the future
  3. Tsuchiya Legacy Race Night Saturday 11th September 8:15PM BST To get in the race Get in touch with us or find us 830-9912 Tier Sports Cars
  4. I the whole risk was that i was gonna get shot, i went in full knowing i would get shot but it diidnt turn out like that but it is what it is, if you feel like that im very sorry
  5. Thank you to the Police & NHS that was involved within the situation and thank you for roleplaying, instead of the standard get shot and arrested. Kane Garcia Jason Barns Chris Lee and the rest of police there with the NHS https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1135306592?t=0h0m1s
  6. Okay I just want to clear some of the air hear okay, 1, No one was in a discord call communicating we are all on radio doubled crewed up so the driver can concentrate while the passenger gives coms over the radio, all this shit about a magic radio is BS cause it's not the first time you guys have mentioned it to us and I let it go the last time but it's constant, and if you are accusing us of the "magic radio" where is the proof. 2, we wanted to have a RP scenario with you when we kidnapped you but you was the one that choose the easy way out, you assumed we wanted your weapon we actually wanted to have some fun with you but you choose to radio in so you choose what would happened to you. 3, there are no gang war rules setout, no rule on the server stating that we have to be in colors, Aztecas and triads have not set any gang war rules so we do not need to be in Color for any of what we did yesterday. 4, you can see from the clip provided that we are infact using the radio, you see me use my radio to let everyone know what you did, you see it with your own eyes so please if you are going to accuse me or anyone of using a "Magic Radio" as you guys have said before in game, please before you make them accusations have the proof to back them. 5, to answer your question about the cars following you, I pulled up next to you in lesion square car park and seen that you have your mask on and we radioed in what you was wearing we then was able to identify it was you so we tailed you from lesion square to the impound where someone that went past us wiped your car out and kept driving which is when we choose the perfect opportunity for us to grab you.
  7. The incident at the hospital was totally on you, Harvey was still alive you killed 2 others in the jeep, Harvey was the one driving and he managed to get away which is why coms where given out, and to add to this I reported cause you clearly broke the rules no point in having rules if you aren't gonna play by them. and I don't want to kill the server, you do, the more you act the way you are the more the server is becoming like GTA online. add more to this The only person reporting you is me and I only have reported 3 people now in my entire time on the server. if you feel the report is a joke fine by me you think that but you broke the rules that are set out for all of us to obey and also you have a big name on the server you own a dealership you should be setting the example for the rest but you instead broke the rules. I will let staff deal with this I have gave my own opinion on the matter and you have too so lets see what happens.
  8. Report a player Your In-game Name: Ghost Woods Name and/or ID of the player(s) you are reporting: Bosh (Aztecas) Which server did the incident take place on: GTA RP Date of the incident: 08/25/21 Time of the incident (GMT) 24hr Format: 18 What best describes this incident ?: Rule Break of (G2.4), (G2.3) & (G4.4) Please (in detail) describe the incident: Within in the video we was hunting Aztecas down due to beef between the 2 gangs and we was able to identity that bosh was at the impound yard, then his car got rammed by someone which resulted in his car being broken down so he had to repair which gave us the perfect opportunity for us to grab him, we surrounded him with a total of 5 of us and guns pointed straight to his head, as soon as we was within the proximity of speech we told him to "Keep your hands up I have a gun to your head" he then proceed to put his hands up when my passenger got out of the car to ziptie him he proceeded to radio in that the triads have got him, even with the fact that we have several guns pointed to him, he still radioed in which resulted in us shooting him. Once he was shot in the head he then proceeded to talk and mentioned that "Yeah Candice did that last time as well , Good Job" I believe that this is breaking Roleplay due to the fact that he is not acting out his injury's when he has been shot in the head. I personal believe that this report on Bosh is for him breaking the (G2.4) rule of Value of Life, (G2.3) Roleplay Everything and (G4.4) that you are heavily injured and should act accordingly. Link to any evidence (Youtube/Screenshot): https://i.imgur.com/YdnYty7.mp4 This report is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!: Yes You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: No This is not a revenge report (Abuse will lead to forum/community bans): Yes
  9. Let the best racer win tonight 😉

  10. For Gangs there is a man that you can request for the chicken man that after pressing like 2 times you would leave and your would get a message for a pickup but now that for some reason lately you have to spam the button several times, like closely to 20 almost 30 times before leaving it to get a message I believe that this is a issue because this never use to be like this and there has been no development changes listed for chicken man.
  11. Event planning and Track Planning today 

  12. All footage has been recorded using RPUK assets within game we hope you enjoy the trailer and there will be more events coming soon See you at the next one 20th 21st 22nd Thank you for everyone taking part and contributing to the trailer
  13. Tsuchiya Legacy Race League First Event 07/08/2021 Hosted by Triad Family Thank you for everyone to coming out to the event I know that there was not a massive number for this event but hopefully in the future we will have more events for you guys to join in and more racing in the future
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