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  1. Got you thanks for the fast response mate, Wyatt,
  2. Hi, Just a quick question, am I allowed to be in Altis police and Poseidon or do I have to choose one, Many thanks, Wyatt.
  3. haha ryan got shot, fucking hated him.
  4. Kate caught lacking, tbh shes defo dead and so is ryan. Its always the bigger loses that happen, Hastings isnt involved I reckon and its a throw off to make us think that.
  5. Jo Davidson is related to Tommy Hunter here's why, Well as we know she is from Scottish decent. Appearing in LOD before was Thomas Hunter (An OCG Leader) and Michael Dryden (DCC now Ex-DCC) They gave a few other possibilities as well who aren't from Scottish decent such as John Corbett and Anne-Marie McGillis. They specifically mentioned the relative they found was on a nominal police database ruling out any police officers/ex-police officers. Now the BBC and amazon have made a few Alexa responses and if you ask Alexa "Who is Jo Davidson is related too" She responds "I cant tell you who it is, but for the purposes of the tape I can tell you that the cause of death was being a rat." Now this would instantly imply James Lakewell who is killed in S6E4 as Ryan labels the cause of death as being a rat BUT in S2E1 Thomas Hunter (Now in witness protection as he spoke to the police) is ambushed and killed by the OCG as he is transferred to a police station. This cause of death would be "Being a rat" as such and therefore I concluded that Jo Davidson and Tommy Hunter are related.
  6. When u get them to give the 5k they have on them because of tickets XD
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