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  1. Twitch Link: Stream Schedule: I try to stream Tuesday/ Thursday afternoons work permitting Games Streamed: GTA V Link to a previous stream: Why do you want to join the team: I have not been streaming for long and started on Arma life for a different community however found that when changing to this community lost a lot of my regular viewers as there are far more people streaming GTA V than Arma 3. Streaming is something I enjoy doing and I do my best to interact with my viewers whilst doing so I am hoping that by joining the twitch stream it will in
  2. My latest video covers the UK Police Caution : Any feedback about my videos is always apricated
  3. So I have recently released a new YT video covering the UK polices Power of arrest without a warrant. This is the same legislation that is used by the Los Santos Police in game if anyone is interested:
  4. This was the only place I could think to post it wasn't sure where to put it in the Los Santos Police Section so i figured Videos and Screenshots general would be the second best place lol
  5. So some of you may be aware although I imagine wont be that I have a Youtube channel where I post videos about games I play as well as the occasional one based ok UK policing in general. I have released a video today relating to the UK police powers of stop and search and thought it might be useful to put here in case anyone in interested in it as well as an aide for newer officers as I remember when I first had to learn all of this it was a lot to take in. 'Im as still quite new to tis community so I apologise if I am not allowed to post this here however as previously stated
  6. Streaming now if anyone's interested:


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