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  1. Touché, I think your boys did enough of that already on Mike (Apoostle’s) stream earlier today. Not the only scenario of it either. We can all opt to play this game like you and some others have? But it would turn into a gta online lobby. Stop trying to cancel everyone that comes your way mate. I got no qualms with anyone, I just think your level of IC is actually piss poor and all I have to do is look at the Tweedl jibes. Nothing personal but you’ve got some work to do if you want to be taken seriously. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting our new gang colours as
  2. Can an admin please help Jaffa and his boys to accept a war based shooting rather than every time seeing the same old names on the Tweedl first bitching, and then the left eye God Bless
  3. @JaffaBenitez Look at you trying your cancel culture tactics. You worm. The PROOF will be here tomorrow. Keep this open GODS.
  4. Gentlemen Please familiarise yourself with our faction OOC. You will be seeing a lot more of us. You have interacted with us in character and in fact, last Friday; when your forces were nullified on your turf, I came over to take your bodies to the river for a PUNT run, something I think is ridiculous for a roleplay meta that allows taking people to hospital. If its not griefing, what is it? As far as I am concerned my RHM Alex was targeted on an intercommunications radio in the game by Aztecas/Ballers. Nope sorry i'm not that far embedded into the community that I can recall names t
  5. You'll cry whatever I do big man Its fun craic so it is
  6. https://dashboard.twitch.tv/u/cockneyplays/content/video-producer/edit/1013450238 As promised - Go to 4HR 14MIN AND ONWARDS. I wont clip it. I wouldn't want you to miss out on Azteca boys stream sniping all night. (Not just me, by the way. And I hope certain Apostles speak up about it. Now im not couter-accusing anyone of anything, but I know what I seen on an Apostle's stream when I was working earlier today and I think we live in a world where I am entitled to say whatever I want within reason. Here I am. HOW SILLY of you to think that in a coalition based war
  7. My sole comments on the matter: War is war. You should understand by now with the scenes you or your associates have endured with the character "Mulli", that he and his "crew" are at war with you and your coalition. This was sparked by the threats to kill his associate, "Alex" (And by the way so we're clear, you did not identify me at all when I killed you, you let me tail you all the way into the car park down the road IN GANG COLOURS expecting not to be killed in war circumstances). You should know that shooting is allowed from a car in the roleplay meta that the island uses
  8. Made a change to the name to allow for more of a free flow off the tongue / And to be more welcoming to anyone
  9. Appreciate your comments on that. Don't appreciate the previous posts pretty much just defacing the whole thing. Message me about it in future lol. EDIT: No - not individuals. Because you don't get individuals at a car meet you get gangs/groups of people. I do things differently. You will see. BASED & redpilled. Updated our RECRUITMENT POST to allow for your creative juices to flow (And so @Tuf Mottygives us his fourth slot.)
  10. Good evening, police/NHS advocate Whilst I havn't met you in game yet let me assure you we've had many powerful scenes with some influencial people in the city. The roleplay you want me to do. Does it include any of the following? Circle jerking around your favourite youtuber and pretending to be a gang Fishing trips in schools of shark? Waiting at Benefactor and sniping imports collectively to achieve monetary goals Car meets at turf, asking each other how many hours we grinded away to get the money? Kidnapping newcomers and extorting them befo
  11. I'd be lieing if I said we didn't need more devoted people (Preferably Albanian but not essential) to run with us We have Alex! PM me here to chat!
  12. Updated to show new additions to the family. Spots for: 2X Henchmen (Main crew - Working for Alex) 1X Captain 1X Street Boss (Any character is permitted) Various - Associates/Soldiers (Albanian characters will be treated more like brothers naturally to "Mooli" and it will be harder for others to gain his trust so easily. Keep this in mind) Any burning questions? DM me here and I can answer them
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