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  1. Operation Catapult - Police Raids 01/06/22 On the 01/06/22 officers from the Road Crime Team, Firearms, Response, Road Policing Unit and the Criminal Investigation Unit worked to raid properties & search vehicles linked to the organised crime ring in relation to the use of firearms. Big thanks from the Road Crime Team to everyone involved from Police Command, the Judges (@Duff) & the rest of the LSPS. The following was seized: 1x Micro SMG 5x Taser 6x M1911 2x Machine Pistol 5x Standard Pistol 2x Hunting Rifle 1x Sawn Off Shotgun 1x Compact Rifle 1x Assault SMG 2x Combat PDW 1x Pump Shotgun 1x .50 Cal Pistol 1x Molotov 50x Musket Rounds 969x Pistol Rounds 361x Assault Rifle Rounds 379x SMG Rounds 125x Shotgun Shells 4x Bean Bag Rounds 166x Weed Growing Equipment 1x LC69 4,241x Weed Sativa 2375x Weed Indica 1014x Cocaine 8x Potassium Nitrate 73x Police Equipment 125x Gunpowder 26x Vehicles Impounded
  2. Hi, meant to reply earlier on this. Please close it, works fine next time I went into Bennys.
  3. Yes, the base game for FiveM is GTA V.
  4. No problem, welcome to the community!
  5. Hi Curtis! Give the wiki a read, very helpful for new players. https://wiki.roleplay.co.uk/Main_Page
  6. Hi, Hopefully an easy one, when you pick a secondary colour for the Schlagen GT it doesn't change the colour of the mirrors, spoiler (when you buy a secondary one) and a few other things.
  7. Tablet not showing the HUD has already been reported as a bug. As for test driving & buying, that needs to be done with an employee of the showroom now
  8. Yesterday was a sad loss for the Singhs, that’s for sure. Pradesh was such a unique character that you played so well, right up to the point that you gave yourself a panic attack in the real world (Rumble at the Ranch ). As my character Jack, there was always a sort of love hate relationship, loved Pradesh to bits but would happily stab him if I got the chance I will miss seeing that crazy bastard in the city causing havoc in whatever weird or wonderful way he decided to on the spot, in the moment. He had to be one of the very few people that cops were actually happy being robbed by, just because it was genuinely such a funny experience. I’ll still see you around on Zanetti or Richardo or whatever crazy character comes next, but Prada will always be the favourite. Pradesh Bahlder-Choudhary, a name we won’t forgot for a long time. Hope he enjoys India the fucking psychopath
  9. Concerning how many people here think it belongs in the fridge tbh
  10. That might be a better option to be fair. It’s just strange since the top option is there and takes off everything except them. Even a separate option to take ties etc… off would work.
  11. When you activate the top option it takes off everything - shirt, jacket etc… I believe the tie is the only piece of clothing it leaves on. it’s the same with police uniforms for example - it takes off everything except the bodycam and radio which looks a bit weird.
  12. Hi, Very simple to explain - interaction menu>Clothing Menu>On/Off Top doesn't take a tie on or off if you are wearing one. On - https://gyazo.com/e1708b05a879613dfadf09074a4ba808 Off - https://gyazo.com/71f12602274e59dedbe5bc8c56bb94fd
  13. Ahaha I did try shout him when we got off the plane for you, but he was busy Thanks for playing along, made it that much more fun! (I was the other Jack in the motel room)
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