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  1. This is exactly the breath of fresh air the city needs I think, a group that isn’t worried about selling trucks and wars, just want to race their cars
  2. Is that what you use? I tried artic 7s, personally don’t like them. Thanks very much though!
  3. I know I’m a bit late but damn that’s a well edited and put together video!
  4. “Can’t park there sir” was funny for a few days, now over-used by everyone when they see police doing traffic stops or anything like it. Not as much ruins immersion, just annoying sometimes
  5. Nothing mad to be honest, think £400 for both, could do more if worth it though Nothing mad to be honest, think £400 for both, could do more if worth it though Cheers mate will have a look
  6. Looking to buy new headphones and a new mic, what does everyone recommend?
  7. Roleplay everything you can mate, and remember to stick to your character. Like if your character is a good guy, then it’s not normal for him to take a police chase, kill people etc... one of the biggest immersion killers I find is when people break character. remember although some people don’t like it, there is ways of saying OOC things without actually saying it...ex for AFK sort of thing people usually say “I’ll be in my head”
  8. Loving the rising estate agent kind of role play in the city!
  9. How is this going? I am strangely interested in this
  10. I know this is an old post but I would love to see something like this in the city to help with sales, I personally lost 300k to a robbery before when trying to buy a house
  11. Personally I don't like when people say "not in my eyes", people seem to use it to point blank deny they've done something (crashing etc...)
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