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  1. Nicola is done with life 😉


    1. JasonO


      Resting bitch face

  2. @JasonO Thanks, I had a worse problem in a different server. Here is not to bad compared. Thanks really hope I do well.
  3. @TheCap well good news, my application got accepted. Now to do the interview so fingers crossed. Not sure when yet as I want to read through handbook first. Any advise?
  4. @BowenHey, thanks. Yeah it seems to be happen a lot unfortunately. Think they haven't seen many girls on the server. I've actually dealt with worse on another server (which I left as it just wasn't professional RP as this one and the admins were rubbish) I will keep that in mind to contact staff if it gets worse. I'm actually trying to apply for the police force and I think these experiences will help me. I will look into the streaming team for the future.
  5. honesty at the start it annoyed me but when he got in my car oh boy.......was that fun. XD
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