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  1. Even there main characters are hilarious, Big props to them for asking about my gym plan
  2. yes only when its on level 3 suspension tho for some reason 1 and 2 stick perfectly fine
  3. After buying this vehicle today, I noticed the max suspension Does not stick to the car I bought it twice and it failed to stick twice thought it was my error at first, But after parking it and Taking it back out and putting it on again, its appears it does not stick when installing the upgrade
  4. When will anyone learn that trying to have fun on the server is not gonna happen with the current Police state that its in, They don't allow Police chases and if they do TC is auth after 30 seconds literally, They have no business Breaching when you have 4-5 hostages, They don't fully understand that criminals are trying to have fun i.e. have a police chase, try and get away, at least have a chance but its not allowed because its quite literally win mentally and even if its not that is what it looks like from the crims side anyways. All in all the police needs to change its mentality and remember its only a game and remember that you are ruining someone else night or maybe 1-2 days of playing with the jail sentences that are giving out nowadays. Its not Real life lads calm down a bit have some fun with it no one really cares if they get away. I mean what's the point of RPU even being at a bank robbery realistically ? there is not. Now before anyone says anything, I have friends that only play cop and will say the same thing, I have nothing against Joshua or Barry or any of the lads but things to change with the mentality within its force i mean Be firm but fair with everyone.
  5. My little Scandinavian Sweet heart ❤️

  6. Still waiting for that kiss 

    1. Liam


      Come spoon


  7. Early Stream since Ghost is finally Asleep 🙂https://www.twitch.tv/devilwalkttv

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