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  1. monkey GIF
    Once more unto the breach dear friend,

    1. Frank LeTank

      Frank LeTank

      Oh we will do it, and be smiling the whole way through brother!

  2. I would like to thank DC Connor Connards and DC Kate Anderson on putting up with myself and Jack Valley tonight was some of the funniest RP We ever had. @Connor Connards @rieKe
  3. First night back last night and can say got shot at 28.5 times didn't get injured, but did fall off a roof and Sprained both of my ankles 10/10 

    1. Jordan-


      That's just a standard patrol these days  

    2. Stve


      First night back as well for me, got stuck up at the import warehouse, nearly had my truck stolen off me twice and a wild benson came flying into chapel taking me out.  Some craic haha

  4. I do like a bit of a dance to Adele NamRon 🙂 

  5. Yea Thats perfect, I am gonna delete him i think its only fair he was used in the wrong way. @George Harris
  6. Anyone wanna read someone a caution and send it on to me?

    1. Jason
    2. Frank LeTank

      Frank LeTank

      The Itch for a caution was strong 🤣

  7. Oh of course i see it of course i do as i said to A lot of staff during the week, Its literally looking bad but honestly on my behalf it was only money i can swear on that on all of my 5 kids haha, No sir i sold guns to many different people within the server obviously i don"t feel comfortable saying here but can speak on TS about it, I think myself i always hold top Roleplay within the server, Get a phone call set up a meet make sure he"s by himself bring out the Briefcase a bit of a conversation make sure all the family is good, i know if it was always just Johnny riggs with my corruption it would be even more suspicious but i only sold to him twice maybe 3 times in 7 months within the police. @George Harris
  8. No Sir not specifically he had a spare weapon and i asked him to sell it to me until i could pay him and there was no problem and them i asked him to transfer the money with me and he also agreed, He bought guns from me Through Corruption weeks back and obviously When the Rule for being not allowed to be corrupt came in a couple weeks back i completely stopped with corruption due to the fact i didnt wanna be banned, yea i know im here anyways, as i said i have nothing to hide and theres no problem you can look through logs ect ect, it was only money that was sent. @George Harris Ps. Nothing was ever sold from the armory from me, with my corruption it came from Dead gang members ect ect.
  9. Well Boss man

    1. Cal Wain

      Cal Wain

      brilliant boss man


  10. Hello @Charles Vane, No Sir only Money, I got a gun from him before hand and was suppose to pay but we were playing Warzone and i got bored and asked him to quickly jump on "send over the money" he didn't really wanna stop playing but he did for a few minutes to quickly do it, we both forgot about the glock and ammo that i was suppose to pay him for, i said it to him on discord after a couple minutes he just said not too worry "Ill get it later off yea" i didnt get the chance to pay him due to the ban, There was nothing else only money sent.
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