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  1. M1911 warriors crying rn 

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      free the guys outta juvie

  5. A more detailed response: firstly L1 straps were some of the funniest days on the server wether that was screaming L1 straps on top when loading into the server, having big beef with Jaffa and the Aztecas and the main beef between Harvey from triads at the time. The situations we got into although we were constantly on the receiving end of getting battered it was too fun to be apart of. i would then say my early days of becoming a vagos when I was still a member on the syndicate I had rikka ringing me on the phone to get a yellow mask on and go and help fight Aztecas. Took me a decent while to get into vagos for it to then only be 5 days of being properly f6 in to then receiving life in prison. Seeing the rebuild after prison was something that was great to be apart of and we came a long way since then.
  6. The majority of these points in this thread is from gangs a year ago on the server. It’s quite sad seeing how much gangs have declined since then. They all used to act like proper gangs, have numbers, show presence around the server, every gang was active and people would actually fear them. Nowadays there’s about 3 active gangs, no proper gang beef, everyone’s mates. No one fears half the gangs anymore and that shouldn’t be the case. (Ik this is a bit off topic but it’s gotta be said)
  7. Shush you little victim
  8. Haza

    R.I.P - Get tut shop, Fuck ya Bean Machine

  9. I dont think you have fully thought about your plan tbh. There are lots of people out there who will buy your materials off you, just need to go out and actually find those people. Maybe take some time going around, speaking to different people and then start to come up with your prices and start building a solid business plan. Gangs are set to 25 ppl, not everyone in the gang does these legal activities such as mining. Gangs need huge amounts of resources meaning some members will go to the mines.
  10. Haza


    #FreeCC - When playing as my g6 all interactions i've had with CC have been filled with top quality RP from himself, hopefully gets released soon
  11. My take on this: There is more ways to make money than just selling coke/weed to locals. This way is the quickest and requires 0 RP. If you sell for 2hrs you make enough money to buy a pistol. However as a gang member there are so many different ways to make more money such as flipping guns, setting up deals with smaller groups/gangs to buy off you, making money by mining and smelting etc etc. Being at war, of course the police are going to focus on you more heavily and are going to constantly search you but that's their job. if your crying over loosing a standard that#s just poor. You shouldn't go into a war if your not ready for one, being in war your most likely going to burn through your whole armory you should be stacked beforehand. If police heat is getting to much for you and your loosing too many guns and resources then end the war, call a mutual agreement. However that probably wont happen due to big Ego's. On the other hand i agree police are a big state atm. The professionalism they should have isnt shown throughout, should never be hearing a police officer go 'get fucked pussy' . The one scrap policy on cars is very annoying but it causes ppl to not bring out their 1mil car in a big shootout. However i do think it is abused a fair bit and is very harsh. They also do get involved a bit too much in certain situations which becomes a big issue. I have seen a probie drive on his own into the middle of a gunfight causing him to get killed which then means all the other officers who were waiting have to initiate, leading to a big gang vs police fight. The long sentences are a bit of a joke. It would be a lot better if sentence lengths were reduced but all the time had to be spent online in prison. However a big reason as to why these ppl are getting over 12k months is due to continuously shooting police. If someone is getting arrested and they have a pistol on them, is it really worth turning around and shooting the whole police force to try and save a pistol when it could risk you all loosing guns, getting long sentences etc. Sometimes you just have to take the L
  12. Still can't believe the suggestion got declined back then, L1 avenue would've been a great addition

  13. really like this idea +1
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