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  1. Hello Deleter, thank you for the response. What Matthew would do differently in this role-play scenario is to initially evaluate the situation at hand a lot better and not approach when police ask him not to, obey the taser trained officers and not pick up the body, he would then leave the scene and let the officers conduct their role-play scenario. But as he didn't obey commands, this is what he would do differently. With tasers being aimed at Matthew, he would drop the body and try to comply with the officers rather than making silly remarks and trying to run off, which hopefully would have ended in a fairer outcome for both parties involved. I do apologise for this I should have known better. Like I previously said I have learned from my mistakes and I will take steps to carefully consider situations to ensure that this or anything similar to this does not happen again.
  2. Hello Charles, thank you for the response. In hindsight, I can see this is the case. However, due to the situation and all that was going on at the time, It did not cross my mind. Ordinarily, I thought that someone can be restrained even with a body on my shoulder. I should have took this into consideration however I did not hear the signals indicating that they could not restrain me. I should have done and this would have potentially ended in a fairer outcome. In the time that I have taken to do this report, Shepherd has been in contact via discord. I have learned from my mistakes and I will take steps to carefully consider situations to ensure that this or anything similar to this does not happen again. Again, In hindsight, I was evidently outnumbered to the point where I should have listened to what the police were saying. Closer observations of situations in the future will prevent this from happening in the future. The comments that I made were irrational at the time and I should have thought about what I was saying. I will take care to do this in the future so that situations are fun for both parties.
  3. Unban Appeal for Matthew Labile In-game Name: Matthew Labile Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561199154044240 Ban ID: rpuk#5203 Reason given for your ban: Forum Report G2.4/C2.2/G2.3 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I feel I was banned due to the fact that I did not value my life. In the situation, I attempted to save someone who I feel had been wrongfully shot. Knowing that, I should have stayed away from the scene as in the footage, I was clearly outnumbered. I should not have attempted to get the person with that many guns pointed at me. I also considered the fact that I did not expect to get shot for attempting to help someone injured as this was the police at the end of the day. Nevertheless, It was still no value of life from my end. (G2.4) I was also banned for the poor standard of RP I provided to the police in the situation. Also in the footage, I made some comments towards the police which could be considered poor RP. But, I feel this was a reflection of the RP provided by the police to me throughout the situation. So I made the poor choice of descending to that level and providing the same standard back. Which again, was wrong on my end. I should have attempted to make better of the situation despite the circumstances. (G2.3) Finally, I was also banned for Exploiting (C2.2). At the time, I did not think that doing what I was doing would be considered an exploit. Looking at the video provided in my report, I would consider my actions power gaming. This is because it looked as if I forced a situation where the police could not properly handcuff me. I would not have done this had I known this would be considered an exploit. At the time, I did not realise that this action would prevent the police from escorting me. With the rules considered, what I did was still wrong. Why should we unban you ?: I will start by saying that I feel I should have received a 2 day or even a week ban for what I was doing. This is because, looking at the clip which Shepherd produced, it was not good at all on my part. I feel I unintentionally power gamed the fact that the body on my shoulder stopped the police from escorting me. Had I knew this was the case or had the police suggested that this was the case, I would have stopped. However, I did not. I don’t dispute the fact that this was wrong. I feel in future, I will not allow my emotions to get the better of me and provided some better RP for the police, despite what they had provided to me on the lead up to this situation. I will also in future, avoid situations where I am evidently outnumbered by the police presence there. However, I did not expect to get arrested for helping someone who is injured. This is taking into account the fact that I was not wearing any kind of gang-related clothing, Shepherd was not aware of the fact that I was an Azteca to my knowledge and I was clearly not a threat. I had even been stood next to Shepherd in cover for a significant amount of time while being completely ignored by the police. I was not able to defend myself as I messaged Shepherd over the forums when the report went up, and he said what can be viewed in the attached screenshot: https://gyazo.com/9c5a1f473a91f4fec786ffe6f52ca82f I was taking some time to consider a response to the report, however, It was closed by a single response so unfortunately, I was unable. I am now fully aware of what I have done wrong after considering my action before this appeal. I have also had time to read the rules to make it clear to myself exactly what I have done wrong. In hindsight, I still feel I deserved to be banned for what I did but I feel a permanent ban is slightly excessive for the actions. Therefore, that is the part I am appealing. Had I known that this would drastically affect the polices ability to cuff me and deal with me, I would have complied and allowed them to do whatever it was they were planning to do with me. After this, I am fully aware of the issue. I would also like to address the comments made to the police. I made the comment because I felt all avenues of dealing with me hadn’t been explored and they jumped straight to an option that limited mine massively which I was a bit annoyed about so the comment was made. It was not meant in a malicious way, however, it could be considered a poor standard of RP considering what happened to me throughout the situation. Since Shepherd appears reluctant to talk to me anywhere about this, despite my attempt to reach out as you can see above, I’d like to use this as a medium to apologise for my actions and comments made towards him. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
  4. I am the other person involved in this situation this report has only just came to my knowledge, I just want to ask what your actual name is in game because there's no way ghost is a "realistic" name, going back to the point of the report first off I want to say this is a revenge report because you can hear how angry you are, you can say that's your character but I think otherwise, now you can call power gaming but you was up there for how long? I'd say maximum 30 seconds then we came back up and I killed you, is it possible you can provide the whole clip? because the previous clip ends seconds before you are killed.
  5. First off, this whole story you wrote has nothing to do with the report. You’re just blabbering on about events that have happened over the past few days and you seem like you’re a little sick of the entire situation that you started. Going back to the report, I admit that I shouldn’t have used the radio however I was frustrated under the circumstances that I died in, heat of the moment etc that’s my bad and I’m sorry about that. Like you said, you’re the “Blacksimus” and you’re a new gang in the city. We’re not at war, you messed with the Father, so we went after your gang seeking vengeance. Even when at war, just know that if you want to do drive-bys, KOS all that stuff you have to be in gang colours or whatever colours you declare at the time. War must be agreed with an admin, so they know what’s going on. It could’ve been any 2 people wearing normal clothing just coming up to me and unloading a mag without saying a word, that’s RDM, especially at the hospital where you need a strong RP scenario to capture someone etc. See where I’m going with this? I didn’t have an idea it was you since you weren’t wearing your clothing. I tried resolving this with you over TS however you said no matter what I say I’m putting up a report so it just sounds to me like you’re more frustrated and looking to pick at things than to stand up and do something about it in RP yourself to stop the war from going on. Nothing else to add.
  6. I am the other person in question here. Holly and I have been texting prior to the accident. I received a text from holly saying she’s been kidnapped; this can be seen in the video where she takes out her phone while being held at gunpoint. I was the person she texted. She wasn’t replying so I called her, she quickly said cove, hung up and sent me GPS. I went down thinking she was still alive, and she was trying to be sneaky about the situation by sending me the GPS. When I turned up to the scene, I was immediately chased by the marabunta, I started to drive away because I felt un-safe when they started screaming to pull over. They broke my car down and started firing shots without saying anything. My immediate reaction was to fire back and that’s what I did. Only after reviewing the footage I saw the person was shooting at the tires and not me. If it was made clearer from when my car broke down and spoke to me before initiating the shooting everything would’ve turned out differently. We have already talked between each other (Stepettit and I) and agreed that what happened with the shooting was stupid and unnecessary. Like I said before, I had no idea she was dead at the point where she sent me the GPS.
  7. I'm not 100% sure but I believe it was Antollyme @Fluqi
  8. https://clips.twitch.tv/GeniusPuzzledLampMoreCowbell-HR-QnbjLsSSHaEVr
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