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  1. Mine would probably be either airport fight XD, can't decide between the big bad Balla's asking Marabunta and Vagos to come assist them for a meeting with the Azteca's only to get smoked (Apostle's helped Azteca's though) and then the other airport fight where Tragos got wiped by Hustler's and Coalition, we may be branded terrorist's but worth it imo Shoutout island fight also, we had Tralla's swimming back to the city
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    1. Anthony Bryan

      Anthony Bryan

      Well i didnt mean that... But Unban Matthew

      Come Back Reaction GIF by HBO Max


  3. Unban appeal when 

  4. Miss you Big M ♥ 


    1. Matthew Labile

      Matthew Labile

      I'll be back for you in August 😉, also @Furphythat's true love ^

      PS (for anyone that see's this) it ain't me Jesse Pinkman Reaction GIF by Breaking Bad Michael Jordan Reaction GIF

    2. Albert Winsford

      Albert Winsford

      Nah not having this. Alberts heart is shattered in to a million pieces. Hope you never return.

    3. Nuclear
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