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  1. They do work, i've used them recently with no issues.
  2. Jack Smith

    tree cutting

    The same bug happens with the wood trees as the fruit trees. Some storms they work, some storms they don't fill your pockets.
  3. Happened to me once when I spawned in but there is a way out.
  4. Big rep to @Trent Webbtonight and @Rikka Takanashifor his praying .
  5. Was a very frightening experience, thanks for coming down to Jamestown.
  6. Jack Smith

    map bug

    Can confirm this happens when walking through the doors.
  7. Has happened to me previously too when I've done taxi work.
  8. I was the g6 officer who impounded the van and also the g6 who was in an unmarked vehicle, I was still in uniform but due to us been robbed a few times already at the key store we'd all stopped just going into the store incase we get robbed. All I can say is that you guys managed to text me and ask to sort the impound out which I did as I felt shouldn't of impounded with you in the vehicle but you was asked multiple times before I impounded to move from outside the hospital. I did pay the fee to get it out the impound. From my POV the situation was pretty fun and didn't really see any rule breaks just that if this does carry on as stated above some g6 may just steer away from cutting keys. P.s maybe this would of been more fun for joey if you guys tried negotiating with him for me, if that was your end goal in future.
  9. Max liked this service.
  10. Maybe a suggestion to have plastic surgery doctor? Or only other way is to make another character.
  11. +1 to indigo for sure thanks for the medical yesterday
  12. Some gangs can't rp without a gun.
  13. https://medal.tv/clips/4lu0BaETf-Vnu/ad1337gwfVpAIm *The location is on apostle turf at the end of cougar avenue* Hello, not sure if this has been posted before but I've lived in the house for 2/3 months now and it's starting to drive me mad trying to move stuff from my storage to vehicles and gaining access to the floor should be made easier maybe like the apartments across from the lost MC compound.
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