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  1. I will never ever misuse any game mechanics or glitches, nor will I ever participate in any aspect of someone utilizing those unconventional ways to perform an action. I understand the severity of my actions and I also would like to apologize for it. And if someone would ever attempt a game-breaking mechanic to further their own interest, I would simply back-off and leave the situation and report the individual for doing so. I would appreciate if I could join back. I love the community and it is a lot of fun to interact with all the individuals in this community. I hope I can bring some joy to others while roleplaying. Simply leave the scenario and report the individual for any serious infraction. I would like to apologize once again for my actions. Thank you. ====== Edit: additional information. Incase you are going to ask me the following: "Please quote the server rule you think you broke and explain to me in your own words why such rule is important to have." (C2.2) Exploiting - Using or attempting to use any exploits in any of our community game servers such as but not limited to duplication of items or money, transferring/processing items through walls and windows or bypassing intended animations. Punishment is a permanent ban without appeal. If you discover an exploit that nobody else knows about, please reveal it to a staff member privately in order to ensure that it does not get abused in the future. This rule has been made with the intention to punish anyone using illegal mechanics for any reason whatsoever. It is important to have this rule so it is a fair level playingfield for anyone involved in this community. It would be unfortunate if there is no such rule as it would lead to dire consequences. I understand the rule and I will behave and refrain from ever again being involved in something that would break any listed rules.
  2. Unban Appeal for Azerey In-game Name: Pesos Pedrov Server: GTA RP Steam ID: 76561198439940608 Ban ID: !!rpuk3876!! Reason given for your ban: C2.2 In your own words, please type why you think you were banned.: I got arrested after a chase with the police. We tried to do a jailbreak where my friends gave me some lockpicks and a phone through the prison meeting rooms. Well, right after receiving the lockpicks I tried to use them - but unfortunately they did not work properly in the prison and there was no audible "clicking" sound right at the last door leading through the front-prison building. This frustrated me and my friends, that were trying to escape. so we went to look for different ways to escape. A friend of mine then used some zipties to "kidnap" another friend of mine through the prison fence in a attempt to get him outside, which is obviously glitching. I just so happen to be around them trying to glitch their way through the while an invisible admin was watching us attempting to escape prison with this unconventional way. The admin proceeded to perma-ban us all and even some people that were standing around during this prisonbreak attempt. Keep in mind: I did not get ziptied out the prison or leave the prison. I was a mere accomplice during this attempted prisonbreak. Why should we unban you ?: I would like to be apart of this special community and no other server is as much fun as this one. I am a avid roleplayer and I love making friends in this community. I completely understand why I got banned and it is unfortunate that this has happened. I deeply regret it. I am very sorry for this and I hope you understand my perspective of this situation. I will never do this again. Thank you for considering my unban appeal. Please confirm that you have read the unban appeal process and rules: Yes
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