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  1. I turned up and regardless of how he died i engaged in roleplay with him (conflict based gang dialogue) where i understand you may say lack there of, i apologies for my vagueness and should have dragged out the roleplay scenario and elaborated. As for the execution, i was not involved in the vehicles or any cause leading up to his injury to take advantage of that. As far as im aware its not against any rule to execute anyone that is down regardless of how they got there (only if i acted under RDM or VDM myself to get them down, and took advantage of it, but i didnt.) Unless the new "common sense" ridiculous ban rational comes in then the thousands of times that scenarios like has taken place needs to be assessed as i dont know a player that hasnt executed a downed player before that died by other means. I carried out a roleplay scenario and ensured that i didnt break rules, i could have just rolled up saw his name and shoot him without saying a word. But i didnt. I ensured not to break rules (RDM/VDM) everything about that has been explained in the former.
  2. Hello Stijn, Im sorry that you had to bring this to the forums and hope to clear this up between us. You tried to resolve the situation with the player(s) before reporting: Yes It would be helpful not to lie and actually reach out to me about this before you bring this to the forums as you did not contact me in any way shape or form after this scenario. You could have asked me to join TS or message me in OOC to find an alternate suitable form of contact for you to discuss this together but you did not. Instead after the incident you had gone silent in game to disconnect not long after. Also in the video there was no prior context provided the reason i executed you was because you and your gang (MPS) and me and my gang (Vulcan) have had past conflict and feuds, we attempted to hunt you and made it known that we were not on kind grounds, so if we saw you or any member of MPS, we would act on it in a conflictual manner to act out a rival gang situation roleplay scenario, you were aware of this. This is because we had past legitimate roleplay scenarios together as gangs that ended up in conflict causing this rival gang dialogue. I did not do it for no reason or hatred for you as an individual. Im sorry if you feel like the execution was not acted out in roleplay to you're satisfaction, but i made it clear that MPS and Vulcan was not on good terms, you admitted to it in the video otherwise i would have elaborated. Maybe i should have elaborated anyway more to satsfy you with a descriptive suitable roleplay scenario to your satisfaction and if this were to happen again elaborating would support me in video evidence too, to provide more context on my behalf, i have been made aware of and learned this. I thank you for that. Also you accuse me of metagaming, i have provided context to the "RDM" accusation, now i will provide information on the video conversation itself, which you did not as your microphone was not recorded, which leaves a huge hole in your case contextually. This hole supports you more in favour as because not having your microphone recorded lacks you admitting to the questions and context i was asking, therefore proving it was valid Roleplay and no metagaming occured. I remember the conversation as if it was yesterday and will provide what he said in the conversation that he has not, and also provide context as what he has not regarding to the scenario. (2:38) Of the video, the conversation goes: Me - "Whats his name?" Stijn - "Stijn" Me - "Oh, you're part of MPS arnt you" (mic cuts out) Stijn - "what?" Me - "You're MPS?" Stijn - "Yeah" Me - "Ah. You know the condition between MPS and Vulcan right now right?" Stijn - "Yeah" Ends (3:05) No metagaming was conducted, and the video regardless of not having a recorded microphone proves that as i ensured to ask his name and confirm his clan (as we had met before) and he admitted to both of those pieces of information to act on, if he didn't give a name or clan info i would not be able to act on it as i wouldn't know who he was. He was also aware of gangs conflict. This report is shielded by a lack of context entirely based on the presupposition that he did not admit to my questions and that he did not know anything about my gang and his gangs great rival feud, and having any sort of interaction would result in a conflict-like roleplay dialogue. Which is false. If you would like to further resolve this civilly i am more than happy to, please contact me via the forums direct messages, TS or in the server and we will get this sorted. Thanks, -Toaster.
  3. Cannot purchase property at a location, it must be the house itself that is bugged because I bought another property (garage) within the same compound of it that worked. I will keep the location hidden, as I was first to attempt to buy it and still want it when fixed. I will provide footage of the bug, assuming people already know the location of the house I attempted to buy it yesterday 17/07/21 and today to be reassured I will get the property once fixed and still have enough money for it. I have a home owners license and perks in property. Dm for location (its not hard to find grid ref shown, just dont want people spam buying it when seeing it on map)
  4. Never said i didnt like the idea i love it, cant wait to see what comes and see how it turns out. Was just critiquing the trailer like cmon man xD
  5. RIP. Perma banned before its even started. Well, gg well played sir.
  6. Cmon, the advert down to a T, not even that but the "new" part too. smh my head
  7. Vulcan recieving unnecessary bias mistreatment by management was a kick, during the servers fall we brought 10 - 15 consistant pop daily, which is what the servers average pop today. Us doing that was also motivation for our large rival gang to hop on and fight which granted pop too, which was a good 20 - 30 players just between us. Yet we had been treated awfully as a community not really offering motivation to stay, along with poor management and petty dramas. Im sure there were other factors, maybe even bigger ones, just my 2 cents.
  8. Not really, im glad hes admitted to it but this language should not be used. Regardless of the scenario, nor should it be tolerated. Especially on a server that is with the times and supporting of the LGBTQ+ lately, which i respect greatly. Im glad it was me and not used on a minority sensitive to the offensive term, if you dont remember using such language you must use it alot, and must reevaluate your choice of words.
  9. In this current clip, no. My friend Kooki may have. I can contribute countless clips of voice matching him though, Like in this one it proves its him via the keytool and when i kill him in the top and bottom left. He has the same voice although this was a couple of hours before the incident. Let me know if there are other forms of aid that i can provide.
  10. 1. You know this is you. Doesn't matter if you remember this or not. 2. The clip does not require evidence of you, we can identify whether this is you or not externally in relation to the clip under an admins moderation. 3. I snipped the clip due to its blatency, if required the full five minutes prior can be submitted, and a witness that can vouch for me can also submit. They clipped it too.
  11. "Also as a final message from me. It seems like this report of going round in circles and nothing new is being brought to the table. Due to this I will not longer reply to this report unless a member of the staff team requests me to do so" Agreed.
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