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  1. Hello Willy, As you stated in your report before this situation happened there was an ongoing situation between yourself and the Ballas. I don't see anything about this attack as random as you even stated yourself that you stabbed 2 of our gang members previously. You don't mess with a gang and stab two of their members to get let off lightly. In my head all you're there to do is go after the Ballas with your knife as you'd done previously and I was there to prevent that from happening again. You even hear in the clip everyone saying it was you that done it so I'd expect nothing less from a gang when you stabbed two of their members. You also stated that you tried to resolve this situation before the report went up, which isn't true. Not once was anything said in OOC or Discord trying to resolve anything. Nothing further to add to this - as I think the actions taken in game were in my opinion justified and all I see in this report is someone making salty remarks about a gang in the city shooting him for his very questionable actions.
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